Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Last Night's Dinner...

While I liked dinner (despite having a soar throat most of the day yesterday), the rest of my family didn't enjoy it as much. So goes experimentation, though. To the right is what Lily had left over. It looked a lot yummier when there was more "soup" to it.

Basically, what I ended up doing was using our trusty wok to stir fry some chicken. I added pepper and a dash of Adobo to the chicken, along with some fresh basil and stir fried that all together. Allowing that to simmer for a while, I then added fresh mushrooms and broccoli (I was on a fresh veggies kick) and a bit of peanut sauce. I then stirred that up. Next I some soy sauce and some worchestershire sauce, again mixing everything and finally, one can of coconut milk.

The smell was DEVINE!

The only thing I wish I had was ginger. The meal was definitely lacking something and I have decided that if I had some ginger, that would have made it perfect. I thought it was tasty though. And the cool thing is, I made enough to have left overs for the rest of the week! Whoo hoo! Now, watch me get sick of it! :-)

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