Sunday, January 29, 2006

Mmmmm.... Brownies...

So, I managed brownies. And not my normal open box, dump contents into bowl, add veggie oil, mix, bake recipe, either. I made these from SCRATCH. That's right... cocoa, eggs, flour, sugar, vanilla, a tsp. of salt, blended together in a tasty and wonderful smelling goodness that once baked would be the best damn brownies I've ever tasted, let alone made.

They were so yummy that the first batch only lasted about 12 hours. Casey, Lily and I were scarfing them down like there was no tomorrow. I decided to make a second batch this afternoon so Casey would have some for his lunch. I was so proud of my brownies! Casey gave me tons of compliments on them.

Tomorrow: I will be attempting rice krispy treats. The last time I made them, they stuck to the pan. This time, I will be better prepared... And hopefully, my culinary skills have improved. Pictures forthcoming.

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