Thursday, January 12, 2006

Question of the Day

Who would win? Action Figure Fiorina Vie or Action Figure Jayne?
On one hand, you could say that Fiorina Vie would win simply because she's a high elf and she's got that whole magic thing going for her. Not only that, but she can kick some serious butt. Just check out the EverQuest box art if you're unsure about that. I think the only time that I've seen her depicted anywhere near weak was on this one cover (can't remember the expansion name and I can't seem ot find the box, either) when she was being held "captive" by a lizard creature with chains and everything, but even then she looked like she was pissed and fighting back.
Jayne on the other hand has grenades. Somehow I doubt that high elves even know about grenades. Besides, you can't interrupt a spell being cast or the spell won't get cast. I would definitely say that a grenade would be an interrupting factor.

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