Friday, January 27, 2006


Yesterday I slept a lot. I took a nap from about 4 until 7:30 and then got up, hung out with Casey (who was nice enough to go to the store and get some dayquil for me along with U2's Rattle and Hum DVD), put Lily to bed, and then around 9:30 I went back to bed.

Between certain monthly feminine occurances and this horrible cold I caught, my body has decided to say "Screw the stuff you have to do! You need sleep!" And so that's what I did... Casey keeps telling me not to do anything, that he'll take care of it, but the past two days I've been getting up and getting stuff done (I even managed to completely clean out my car! Yeah me!) and at least I've been waiting until after Lily has come home, we've talked, done homework and spent quality time together before I've crashed.

For some reason Casey keeps wanting to make me dinner. I don't get that. Unfortunately, I have not been able to eat more than soup in the past couple of days. I just really am not hungry at all. He even made chocolate chip cookies the other night and I've had one... ONE! Being sick: the ultimate diet. Haha.

I just wish I wasn't so sick all the time. I hate the winter...

In other news, Lily is going to be tested for one of those fancy-schmancy magnet schools. I'm still tossed up on the whole idea. I'm not sure I want her going to this after talking with a few parents that experienced the whole magnet school thing and then pulled their kids out. I think I need to do some more research. Not only that, but Lily is going to a relatively nice school right now. Granted, she's in the minority, but she has made some really nice friends and there is a lot of parental involvement. I like that. Lily also has a wonderful teacher right now that really cares. Definitely better than last year's teacher.

Speaking of which... it's off to school with us.

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