Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Lily (that is her at the back right side of the picture), Casey and I started Karate class last week. Already in a week, Lily has broken a board with her foot AND with her elbow. We are having way much more success with Karate than we ever did with ballet. As much as I was looking forward to ballet recitals and girley girl things, I have to admit the fact that she is very much my daughter and starting to become very much a tomboy. In fact, her two best friends are boys. When I was her age, my two best friends were boys too. The similarities between Lily and myself don't stop there, but the primary purpose of this post is Karate.

She, much like myself, seems to enjoy martial arts. She was able to get a few of the moves of the form they are learning in her class (her class has two white belts including herself, two orange belts, a yellow belt and a blue belt, but they are all six years and younger so they all get along really well) and she has only had one class by herself (the other classes were family classes in which Casey and I were in the same class). It's really amazing to watch her bloom! I haven't seen her enjoy anything this much since she went to zoo camp! She leaves each class wanting to do more, which is more than I can say for ballet. To your right is a picture of her in the middle of the form they are learning in class. Sorry for the blurriness (action shot!), but she was moving and moving quickly, into what is called a double outer forearm block. Her stance is awesome for someone only three classes in and the look of determination on her face amazes me! Her teacher has ordered her a set of nunchucks so she can start weapon training with the orange belts and she was lucky enough to get a stripe on her belt! Oh, and six year olds with nunchucks are absolutely adorable. Have no fear, they're not using real nunchucks. The ones used in class are made of foam so they don't hurt themselves.

The one thing I'm really loving about being in Karate is the fact that we're doing it as a family. Casey and I have class and Lily has class. We go three times a week (once as a family and twice seperately) and we just get to enjoy each others company. I love having someone motivate me when I'm working out, and the fact that it's Casey and I get to kick his butt when he holds the punching bag for me... Well, that's just a bonus.

Cake or death or Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper?

We found Olaf. The only question that remains is if he voluntarily jumped or if he was pushed... I'm voting voluntary gnomicide simply because it explains the flower left at Fiorina Vie's feet.

Note: Olaf is now back on his lawn, albeit kinda lopsided and I swear his smile has gone from happy-go-lucky to a bit on the sinister side...

Friday, February 24, 2006

::grumble grumble::

Have you ever been so pissed off your back hurt?? Yeah, it has not been a good day.

Roaming Gnome?

Olaf, the gnome that sits on our computer, is missing. I shit you not, this is how I found his lawn this morning... What's even creepier is the fact that I found the red flower that normally sits on his lawn, sitting in front of Fiorina Vie this morning.

I really hope he at least has the curtosy to send us a postcard or something from wherever he's going.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

A little smile.

Last night Casey and I got a nice surprise. Encore Love was showing "Before Sunrise" at 9:00, so naturally we decided to watch it. The last time we saw this particular movie was several years ago and it was just as fabulous last night as it was the first time I saw it with Casey all those years ago.

For those of you who have never seen "Before Sunrise" it is a movie that takes place in Vienna. Ethan Hawk meets Julie Delpy on a train. He is going to Vienna to leave Europe and she is on her way back to Paris. They begin talking and what ensues is two people talking and falling in love.

I was actually a little worried when I turned it on, thinking that me growing up quite a bit since the last time I saw this movie would have turned me into a cynical bitch that couldn't identify with the romance of the picture. I was happy to learn that I am still the hopeful romantic, still identifying with Julie Delpy's character, Celine, and still hoping that Jesse (Ethan Hawk's character) would just live for the moment. Even though I have also seen "Before Sunset", the equally wonderful sequel, I still found myself hoping these two characters met at the train station. I was still the optomist. I won't tell you what happens, by the way. You really should go rent both movies.

Watching the movie, though, sparked an intensely long conversation between me and Casey. If there is one thing that Casey and I have always done it is talk. We talk about everything from the mundane to spiritual beliefs to politics to anything that suits our mood. Last night we started talking during the movie. We talked about how we could each identify with certain aspects of the characters, how we used to walk around town aimlessly at night and how our lives have changed since we last saw the movie and talked of the possibilities of the future. We talked and talked and talked. We talked until about 1AM.

To this day, I am still amazed at the fact that we have yet to run out of stuff to say to each other. Yes, there are times when we can just sit quietly and be with each other, but the conversations are still amazing and fun. Last night really made me want to wander around aimlessly, though, and eventually end up in a coffee house where the conversation would continue until the place closed (we did that several times in the past).

But for now, it's back to the real world. I have to leave for school in about two minutes. It's going to be a good day, full of warm fuzzy thoughts. I love my husband.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


This one somehow got passed my internal censor that stops me from saying stupid stuff:

"You know, I betcha if I was a spy, I wouldn't hate running as much."


Oh, in case you're curious, the pic to the right is from an anime show by the name of "Noir."

Things you should NOT do if you have an injured back...

1) Lift a microwave.
2) Carry the microwave outdoors.
3) Attempt to heave the microwave over a 5 foot tall fence.

It was the last one that really got me. Oh well, at least I got it out of the house...

Thursday, February 16, 2006

How stupid can you get?

I feel like an absolute moron. I can't remember doing anything like this in a very long time and I certainly can't ever remember being injured to this extent since I burned my arm about a year ago.

Yesterday, I slipped and fell. Looking back at it, I realize that it was one of those comical, feet over your head kind of slips that you see in cartoons or some kind of slap-stick bit in a movie, the kind that maybe stuns the actor/cartoon for a couple of seconds, but they shake it off and resume doing whatever it was prior to the bit. In real life, however, it didn't quite work that way. I was at school, I slipped, smacked my head on the floor (all while knocking the wind out of me and somehow managing to wrech my back to the point where I found it difficult to walk) and hurt my back. Apparently, the sound of my head whacking the floor was rather sickening and got me sent to medpoint to make sure I wasn't concussed.

By the way, no concussion. I was told to take it easy for a couple of days and to not lift anything over 5 pounds for a week. There goes that 10 pound bag of flour I wanted to buy. Darn it. (Note: that was sarcasm.)

After my trip to medpoint, I was promptly sent home with the whole "you get better" speech.

My back ached and is quite swollen from whatever it is I managed to do to it and my head... well, that doesn't hurt so much this morning, but yesterday... I can't remember ever experiencing that kind of pain. Tihs morning I find myself very stiff, and Casey said that I was still quite swollen and ordered me to stay off my feet except to maybe stretch a bit. I don't think I'll argue with him on that one.

I'm hoping I'm feeling okay by this weekend because we've got the whole anniversery thing going on. I'm sure I will be. No, I WILL BE. I am bound and determined.

Yeah, I'm going to go lay on the floor for a while now.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Jess' Valentine's Day Mix 2.0

"Mondo Bongo" by Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros
"Stay (Wasting Time)" Dave Matthews Band
"Feeling Good" Michael Buble
"Sway" Pussycat Dolls version
"Jump, Jive & Wail" Brian Setzer Orchestra
"Come Fly with Me" Michael Buble
"Blue Moon" Billie Holiday
"Son of a Preacher Man" from Pulp Fiction (sorry, the author escapes me at the moment)
"Wicked Games" Chris Isaak
"Lover Lay Down" Dave Matthews Band
"Sway" Michael Buble (a slightly slower version than Pussycat Dolls version)
"Crash" Dave Matthews Band

Today, with the exception of Dave Matthews and Chris Isaak and a band I discovered called The Servant, I've been very much into the "big band" sound. I'm actually surprised I haven't dragged out any of my Harry Connick CDs, but I'm actually prefering to newcomer Michael Buble to Harry today. Don't ask me why, I just am. He's fun and seems a bit young to be a crooner, but it works for him. Listening to him makes me feel all romantical and want to go ballroom dancing or something. Now, if only I had someone to dance with...

So yeah, I'm going to go mop my floor and dance around like the mops' my partner. Fun stuff. Thankfully, Lily is the only one home and well, she can't operate a camera. No pictures will be posted of me acting like an idiot.

"I love you honey bunny..."

If you've noticed, Casey and I aren't quite that traditional. Look at our wedding. Granted, the reception was about as traditional as can be complete with dj and lots of dancing, but the wedding? It went something like this:

Casey: "What time does the court house close?"

Jess: "I think 4:30."

Casey: "Wanna go get married?"

Jess: "Sure, why not?"

Seriously, that's how it was. After that conversation, he jumped in the shower, I changed into a cute pair of jeans and a nice shirt and my bitch boots and off we went. But not before we called some friends and family to come witness the event.

So, what's a typical valentine's day for us? Not really much of anything. Yesterday, I gave Casey the collectors edition of Pulp Fiction. Nothing says I love you like a Tarentino film. That, and watching dudes in armor duke it out, but the latter part is another story saved for later. Tonight, we're going to curl up on the couch, watch Pulp Fiction and then probably head up to bed. Somewhere in there Mickie, Jason and Thomas are going to come over and have spaghetti with us, but other than that... Yeah, we'll have a dull night at home. This weekend, however, we will have fun.

I'm really curious as to what Casey is getting me. He hasn't dropped any hints what so ever. I'm sure it will be something fun and memorable, though. Last year he got me a journal and wrote me this wonderful letter about how he loves me and how our first year together was amazing (sorry, guys, not giving you any ideas) and it made me cry in the end. It was funny, too, because I got him a journal as well. Great minds think a like.

So, that is how I will be spending my Valentine's Day. I plan on taking our wedding pictures to the office sometime this week and scanning them in, so look for them to be posted pretty soon.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

Monday, February 13, 2006


We started Lily on an allowance over the weekend. She is now getting $2 a week as long as she does her chores (cleaning her room, putting away her clothes, doing homework without a fuss, pick up the nintendo, etc) and we are now in search of a piggy bank. We went to three places yesterday looking for one, but didn't find anything. The closest thing that we came to was when we found a mini vending machine type bank and it didn't take dollar bills, so that was scrapped. I've found a couple on the internet, but they're all a little more than we want to pay for one and the really neat ATM looking bank for kids that I found was WAY too expensive ($30+), so I'm thinking we'll go with the coffee can method for a piggy bank. I'll just cover it with construction paper and let Lily decorate it to her liking.

She's definitely learning a hard lesson, though. She desperately wanted to spend her money, saying "I don't want to save my money!" and yet the stuff she was looking at she just couldn't afford. She definitely had a disappointing weekend and it was really hard not to buy her stuff, too. Casey told me there would be two more lessons that she's going to have to learn as far as the money thing goes. She's going to have to learn about tax and she's definitely going to lose her money at some point. He also added later that something that she buys is going to get broken and she'll be upset about that too. The broken thing we're already dealing with and have been dealing with since shortly after Christmas when the dogs got to her new gameboy and chewed it up. I think both Casey and I were as pissed about that one as Lily was.

We'll probably get her another one come tax return, though.

In other news, Dad and I had a fun weekend. We hadn't really hung out just the two of us in a while. I really enjoyed going to the movies with him and just kind of hanging out. It was fun. I also enjoyed treating him to the movies, for once. I really don't like dad paying for stuff when he's up here. He's our guest, so we should treat him that way and he shouldn't have to pay for anything that we suggest to do as far as activity goes. I'm kind of disappointed that I haven't been able to show him Serenity yet, though.

Well, I'm off. I must go procure Valentine's for my hubby and daughter and then I'm going to check Toy's R Us for a piggy bank. Oh, and then I have a TON of stuff to do at home. Casey was wonderful yet again and did some laundry while I was out hanging with my dad. I really don't think I show my appreciation to him enough. Although, he seems to be enjoying the daily foot rubs.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


My dad is visiting for the weekend (which it really sucks that I have class, but I already missed two classes because Lily being sick, so I figured I didn't want to miss any more) and we've decided to do spend some father-daughter time together and go see The Pink Panther this weekend.

I fandangoed the tickets about ten minutes ago and I have to say that the more I use that service, the more I enjoy it. I don't have to worry about stopping at an atm to get cash (usually running the risk of making us more late than we already are) and I don't even have to worry about getting cash for popcorn because I just have to buy some "movie bucks" when I show them my card at the ticket pick-up and then wha-la! Movie, popcorn, soda, all at my disposal and without having to run to one of those pesky atms! Whoo hoo!

While I like the fact that having plastic allows certain conveniences, I also worry about places like McDonald's taking plastic. America has enough debt, and now we can rack it up at our favorite place to eat, too! A college student, that at one time had to literally scrounge for change to go to McDonald's for a hamburger with their friends, now just whips out their plastic and charges that hamburger, along with the fries and the coke and some other things on that plastic and they don't worry about it until the bill comes.

AH! The true reason the freshman fifteen comes into play nowadays! They charged all their food to the credit card their mommy and daddy got for them! Have no fear, though, they'll loose it all when the bill comes and mommy and daddy decide they're not going to pay for the outtings to McDonald's, cancel the card, thus causing the college student to scrounge for that change (good excersize for them!) and lose the weight because they're starving. Credit cards in college not only increase debt, but they also cause anorexia! Yeah!

Crap, I gotta go start my car. I've got that whole class thing. Hope you enjoyed todays rant.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The little things.

Today, while Casey was in the tub recovering from what can only be described as a frustrating day at work (the people he works with are frustrating and morons, not the job), I decided that he needed a well deserved foot massage. Using skills I picked up from watching my pedicure last week, I locked the two of us in the bathroom and went to work not only exfoliating and slathering down his feet with good smelling stuff (he didn't want them TOO soft...what kind of a manly man would he be if he had soft feet?), but then rinsing them off and rubbing them until he had a soft, sleepy smile on his face.

I love doing little things like this for my husband. Not only does it show that I care about him, but it also baby's him a bit which is something I like to do every once in a while. That, and I do it because he goes and works his ass off for me, rubs my back when I've been studying for a couple of hours without a break, quizzes me before a test, and wrangles the munchkin when she's interrupting my study time.

A foot massage is definitely the least thing I can do for him.

Back to the grindstone

Casey stayed home for two days. He finally caught something that Lily and I had and he can't say that I didn't warn him on Sunday that it would knock him off his butt, cuz that's just what I said. I said: "Hun, trust me. It's gonna get worse and it's gonna knock you off your butt."

He spent the past two days playing video games and I got to do all the running around and pampering of him. Yesterday, I was excited, because he said I could drive his Jeep (Love the jeep!!). So, I packed up Lily, all ready for school, retrieved Jeep keys, went out to the garage and got in. The Jeep would not start. The battery was dead.

Casey had left the dome light on since Saturday.

So, I drove my car, no biggie. I like my car too. Alejandro rocks and honestly, I think has a better sound system than Casey's Jeep. We were going to jump the car when I got home from school, but that didn't happen. Then, when I got home from picking up Lily. Again, didn't happen. When did we jump the Jeep? At 7:00 this morning in the dark, in the cold. Not fun.
And to top it all off I'm missing a glove.

I have a feeling it's going to end up being one of those days. I feel like my morning is completely thrown off, too. Oh well, I'll live. At least I'm in a good mood.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

"The People are taste buds."

Yesterday, I made fried chicken for dinner. It wasn't your run of the mill fried chicken, either. I decided that I would try combining the flour with Adobo just to see what would happen. It turned out very juicy and tender on the inside and on the outside it was crispy and spicy and downright tasty. Yet another use for adobo! Be still my beating heart! Adobo, in case you have forgotten, is the key ingrediant in the Puerto Rican turkey that we all love so very much.

I am currently making potato soup (five minutes till I add the milk, butter and all the other wonderful stuff) for dinner. It's an old favourite that I made a bunch of times last year when it was cold. Today is colder than it has been in a while and Casey doesn't feel good, so I figured it would be a good choice. I love potato soup.

Finally, I would just like to say that I love my job at IUSB and I love my boss even more. The following picture is just one of the many things that is typical for a day at work at IUSB.
And people wonder why I love my job??

PS> If anyone is interested, that big pale pink skin patch that is exposed (aka his belly), Jed is ticklish there.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Fashionista in Training

Okay, um, my sister in law has brought it to my attention that I have been talking about classes and stuff and I never mentioned that I went back to school. Sorry, that was my bad. SO... here ya go...

I am proud to announce that I am now enrolled at Michiana Beauty College where I am taking courses to become a licensed cosmetologist. If anyone wants to be my guinea pig, let me know. I aced my hair removal test, so I can tweeze and wax with the best of 'em. I absolutely will not do bikini lines, though (sorry, just won't go there).

The decision to go to beauty school was reached after a couple of months of discussion between Casey and myself. It basically came down to the fact that I love messing with peoples' hair, so why not get paid for it? It made too much sense, so here I am. Well on my way to becoming a great stylist.

My future goal (once I'm out in the world and even then about 10 years down the line) is to own my own salon/day spa. I've always enjoyed being pampered and pampering other people. A couple of years ago when I dyed Mickie's hair purple, it was freakin' awesome and we had a blast. So yeah... here I go. Wish me luck, I'll need it.

Methinks Blogger doesn't like me...

I've tried to post a couple of times over the past two days, but for some reason, blogger has just not liked me. It's either the fact that Casey has been downloading the beta for some game (our computer keeps blinking "YOU ARE RUNNING LOW ON DISC SPACE!!" and I secretely suspect it's holding back the word "dumbass") or the fact that blogger just hasn't liked me. I'm going with the downloading bit. I've been just as guilty, though... My sims need new clothes. And a new car. Sure, the Ferrari wannabe on the game is nice, but darn it, I've got my hopes up for a Mini Cooper convertible or maybe a BMW convertible. Not too much to ask is it?

I really think they should add a motorcycle to the game. That would be spiff.

ANYWAY... Weekend stuffs.

I had a pedicure for the first time ever. It was nice and it was given to me by this guy named Hal. No, he was not an evil computer, but is gay. In any case, he's one of my classmates and I had never had a pedicure before. Ladies and gentlemen, I think I have found yet another perk of fashionista training. After the experience my feet were softer than they have been in years and they smelled of peppermint. I wished it was summer so I could run around barefoot. But, alas! It was 30 degrees outside and I had to put stuff socks and shoes back on. Yech. I was invited to go out barhopping sometime in the near future. I can't remember if I've ever been barhopping. I was also invited to go to Ikea in Shaumberg, though, and that definitely seems more my speed. I'm thinking dinner at Mideval times afterwards! WOO HOO! (Although, I must admit, that Casey and I are plotting to go there to celebrate our second wedding anniversery. Nothing says I love you like eatting food with your hands and cheering on some guy with a sword!)

The rest of my Saturday was spent doing taxes with Casey and being all loungey. Naturally, I chucked my shoes and socks as soon as I came in the door to show off my newly pedicured feet, but quickly opted for fuzzy slippers cuz it was damned cold.

I scored an A+ on my test, so I figured I deserved an afternoon without studying. Yes, I can now remove unwanted hair from people with the best of 'em. Hee hee.

Sunday was what you could call dull. We sat around and watched movies all day. Casey was feeling nasty (thanks to a cold that Lily and I both gave him), and none of us felt like moving off the couch. It was just not a very productive day. I probably should have been doing homework or something, but I didn't. I felt like being a couch potato, and so did the rest of my family, so I just kind of went with that vibe. My toe nails were still a lovely shade of pink, though.

I went to bed relatively early for me (10PM) and then that brings us to Monday.

Lily went to school, Casey went to work, and I went to IUSB for a short time, but then came home and studied studied studied. I completed homework for tomorrow (6 pages in Theory workbook, 16 review questions at the end of a very long "histology of skin" chapter, and a practice test that took up four printed pages and very small font). I stopped at 12:30 for a ham sandwhich and headed to Lily's school at 12:50 for an award's ceremony. She read a bunch of books (so far we're up to 112 for the school year) and she got a special bracelet that says "Reading is cool!" and a certificate. She also got a good citizenship award, although I really don't know what for. Apparently, her class got a party a couple of weeks ago because they got so many compliments. I have no clue about that, but I think it's cool. My kid is a good kid, and that's nice to know.

I also got the dates that I'm going to go read to Lily's class. About a week ago I volunteered to go in and read to her class (a program her teacher is having). I will be reading three times and I already have my first book picked out. I will be reading the book "How I became a Pirate". It is one of my favourite books to read to Lily. I do really great pirate voices and everything! My second choice is "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day" which is my second favourite book to read to Lily. I actually believe that all people should have a copy of the Alexander book reguardless of their age simply because it makes you realize that your problems are insignificant when you really think about it.

Casey is on his way home now and I'm going to go make him some soup. Yum yum yum. He feels really bad and wants to go to sleep, but I will make him eat some soup because it will be good for him.

So yeah, that was my saturday, sunday and monday. Dull, huh?

Friday, February 03, 2006

Lily's words of wisdom.

This is Lily. She's my six year old daughter. As a parent, I try and teach her valuable pearls of wisdom whenever the opportunity poses itself and I have in turn, learned many things from her to. For example, I learned yesterday that Blake (one of Lily's "boyfriends") screams like a girl. I parted the following wisdom on her: Boys don't like to be told they scream like girls.

Maybe at the age of 6 that's something to be proud of, but somehow, I don't think so. I'll have to ask Casey about that one.

Something happened at dinner time, though, that made me laugh so hard I started coughing. I had something said back to me that I absolutely did not expect. The conversation was as follows:

Me: C'mon Lily, we need to eat our fruit.

Lily: [sitting there quietly, staring at the fruit as if it was a carrier of some deadly disease, or worse... corn beef hash]

Casey: Lily, the fruit is good! It's got sugar and syrup and good stuff. It's sweet!

Lily: Kids shouldn't have so much sugar!

Insert hysterical laughter from me here.

I had told Lily that exact phrase not two days prior. She wanted root beer before bed and that is a great big no-no. I told her that she could not have any root beer and she asked why, so I told her that root beer has a lot of sugar and kids shouldn't have so much sugar before bed.

At least I know some stuff sticks.

How the Heck??

I took Lily's temperature this morning and it was running at 101.7. She spent most of the morning asleep and when she wasn't asleep she wanted to be held and read to (no problem there, I enjoy doing that for her). I gave her tylenol and we hung out watching The Dark Crystal, Labarynth, and Moulin Rouge (which happens to be Lily's favourite or the movie that she wants to watch over and over and over and over and over again... She asked me the other day if unconcious argentinians would fall through our roof.).

For lunch, she requested a ham sandwhich, gobbled it down and then asked for another. Little did I know that would be the beginning of a downward slide... for me. Shortly after lunch there was playing and the playing got more and more active and then she wanted to get dressed and the getting dressed led to running around the house playing tag (which is hard to do when you're coughing every ten steps... that's me doing the coughing, by the way... still have nasty cold). Right now, I hear giggling and screetching coming from upstairs and I'm praying that I get two minutes to finish typing this. I think it's a safe bet that Lily is definitely feeling better. I'm just trying to figure out how we went from cuddling and watching movies and doing the whole "I don't feel good and want to be sedentary" to the "OHMYGODBONZAIISSOFUNNYIWANNARUNANDPLAYTAGWITHYOUMOMMYCANIHAVEACOOKIE?"
behavior that I have encounted in the past couple of hours.

Yeah. I think I'm going to sit down for a while.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

::snip snip::

Both Casey and I got haircuts yesterday (and i'm secretely wishing that Lily would let me cut hers, but she is bound and determined to "have hair like Pocahontas"... note: that would be the disney Pocahontas... Lily is only 6, afterall). I got to cut Casey's hair (and afterwards he shaved off all his scruff) and I went to Mia and Maxx for a haircut and chatted up my stylist (also named Jess) about the industry. We talked shop about flat irons, if whispy bangs would look good with the particular hair cut I was going for (pictures forthcoming if I ever get around to styling it today...Lily has fever so we've been doing a lot of nothing), the best way to build up clientel as far as stylists go and I was told two things that I may actually listen to:

1) The best way to build up clientel as far as becoming a stylist is concerned, is to start at the mall. If you start at a private salon, you won't have the walk in traffic that you do at the mall and walk-ins are the best way to build your clientel. Good advice.

2) I should go to the expo in Chicago at the end of February. Thoughts of neat hair cuts and discounts on uberproducts dance through my head! I wonder if we can make a field trip out of it??

Casey is liking my new cut. It's basically the same cut I had last time, but it needed to be cleaned up badly. One side was growing much faster than the other and I looked relatively silly. Not at all a good thing for fashionista in training. How will I ever be taken seriously if I don't look good myself? My eyebrows... well, that's another story entirely that I wish not to discuss. They look downright silly, though. TOO THIN!! And I can't do anything but sit back and let them grow.

Well, I must go. Lily requires cuddling. She's needed a lot of that today, but she's been sick so I'll amuse her.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It's not complex, it's just wrong...

...And it tastes bad, too.

I'm talking about Black Cherry Vanilla Coke. I was dealing with it at first, because I like my flavoured cola, but once I heard about the fact that they are putting my favourite Vanilla Coke on "hiatus" to "bring it back at a later time" and replace it with a "complex and delicious" black cherry vanilla coke. I say BLECH! to you, Coca-cola company! And, if Pepsi made a decent vanilla pepsi (it tastes like rum and coke), I would buy that instead. But, they don't. SO, this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to buy some two liters of coke and a bottle of vanilla syrup (the kind used in cappuchino) and I'm going to make my own Vanilla Coke. And it will be better than anything you have ever put out.

SO nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh!

I have to go get my family up.