Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Lily (that is her at the back right side of the picture), Casey and I started Karate class last week. Already in a week, Lily has broken a board with her foot AND with her elbow. We are having way much more success with Karate than we ever did with ballet. As much as I was looking forward to ballet recitals and girley girl things, I have to admit the fact that she is very much my daughter and starting to become very much a tomboy. In fact, her two best friends are boys. When I was her age, my two best friends were boys too. The similarities between Lily and myself don't stop there, but the primary purpose of this post is Karate.

She, much like myself, seems to enjoy martial arts. She was able to get a few of the moves of the form they are learning in her class (her class has two white belts including herself, two orange belts, a yellow belt and a blue belt, but they are all six years and younger so they all get along really well) and she has only had one class by herself (the other classes were family classes in which Casey and I were in the same class). It's really amazing to watch her bloom! I haven't seen her enjoy anything this much since she went to zoo camp! She leaves each class wanting to do more, which is more than I can say for ballet. To your right is a picture of her in the middle of the form they are learning in class. Sorry for the blurriness (action shot!), but she was moving and moving quickly, into what is called a double outer forearm block. Her stance is awesome for someone only three classes in and the look of determination on her face amazes me! Her teacher has ordered her a set of nunchucks so she can start weapon training with the orange belts and she was lucky enough to get a stripe on her belt! Oh, and six year olds with nunchucks are absolutely adorable. Have no fear, they're not using real nunchucks. The ones used in class are made of foam so they don't hurt themselves.

The one thing I'm really loving about being in Karate is the fact that we're doing it as a family. Casey and I have class and Lily has class. We go three times a week (once as a family and twice seperately) and we just get to enjoy each others company. I love having someone motivate me when I'm working out, and the fact that it's Casey and I get to kick his butt when he holds the punching bag for me... Well, that's just a bonus.


lovelysalome said...

She looks viciously scarry for a 6-yo :)

Keven said...

kick ass.