Saturday, February 11, 2006


My dad is visiting for the weekend (which it really sucks that I have class, but I already missed two classes because Lily being sick, so I figured I didn't want to miss any more) and we've decided to do spend some father-daughter time together and go see The Pink Panther this weekend.

I fandangoed the tickets about ten minutes ago and I have to say that the more I use that service, the more I enjoy it. I don't have to worry about stopping at an atm to get cash (usually running the risk of making us more late than we already are) and I don't even have to worry about getting cash for popcorn because I just have to buy some "movie bucks" when I show them my card at the ticket pick-up and then wha-la! Movie, popcorn, soda, all at my disposal and without having to run to one of those pesky atms! Whoo hoo!

While I like the fact that having plastic allows certain conveniences, I also worry about places like McDonald's taking plastic. America has enough debt, and now we can rack it up at our favorite place to eat, too! A college student, that at one time had to literally scrounge for change to go to McDonald's for a hamburger with their friends, now just whips out their plastic and charges that hamburger, along with the fries and the coke and some other things on that plastic and they don't worry about it until the bill comes.

AH! The true reason the freshman fifteen comes into play nowadays! They charged all their food to the credit card their mommy and daddy got for them! Have no fear, though, they'll loose it all when the bill comes and mommy and daddy decide they're not going to pay for the outtings to McDonald's, cancel the card, thus causing the college student to scrounge for that change (good excersize for them!) and lose the weight because they're starving. Credit cards in college not only increase debt, but they also cause anorexia! Yeah!

Crap, I gotta go start my car. I've got that whole class thing. Hope you enjoyed todays rant.

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