Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"I love you honey bunny..."

If you've noticed, Casey and I aren't quite that traditional. Look at our wedding. Granted, the reception was about as traditional as can be complete with dj and lots of dancing, but the wedding? It went something like this:

Casey: "What time does the court house close?"

Jess: "I think 4:30."

Casey: "Wanna go get married?"

Jess: "Sure, why not?"

Seriously, that's how it was. After that conversation, he jumped in the shower, I changed into a cute pair of jeans and a nice shirt and my bitch boots and off we went. But not before we called some friends and family to come witness the event.

So, what's a typical valentine's day for us? Not really much of anything. Yesterday, I gave Casey the collectors edition of Pulp Fiction. Nothing says I love you like a Tarentino film. That, and watching dudes in armor duke it out, but the latter part is another story saved for later. Tonight, we're going to curl up on the couch, watch Pulp Fiction and then probably head up to bed. Somewhere in there Mickie, Jason and Thomas are going to come over and have spaghetti with us, but other than that... Yeah, we'll have a dull night at home. This weekend, however, we will have fun.

I'm really curious as to what Casey is getting me. He hasn't dropped any hints what so ever. I'm sure it will be something fun and memorable, though. Last year he got me a journal and wrote me this wonderful letter about how he loves me and how our first year together was amazing (sorry, guys, not giving you any ideas) and it made me cry in the end. It was funny, too, because I got him a journal as well. Great minds think a like.

So, that is how I will be spending my Valentine's Day. I plan on taking our wedding pictures to the office sometime this week and scanning them in, so look for them to be posted pretty soon.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

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