Monday, February 13, 2006


We started Lily on an allowance over the weekend. She is now getting $2 a week as long as she does her chores (cleaning her room, putting away her clothes, doing homework without a fuss, pick up the nintendo, etc) and we are now in search of a piggy bank. We went to three places yesterday looking for one, but didn't find anything. The closest thing that we came to was when we found a mini vending machine type bank and it didn't take dollar bills, so that was scrapped. I've found a couple on the internet, but they're all a little more than we want to pay for one and the really neat ATM looking bank for kids that I found was WAY too expensive ($30+), so I'm thinking we'll go with the coffee can method for a piggy bank. I'll just cover it with construction paper and let Lily decorate it to her liking.

She's definitely learning a hard lesson, though. She desperately wanted to spend her money, saying "I don't want to save my money!" and yet the stuff she was looking at she just couldn't afford. She definitely had a disappointing weekend and it was really hard not to buy her stuff, too. Casey told me there would be two more lessons that she's going to have to learn as far as the money thing goes. She's going to have to learn about tax and she's definitely going to lose her money at some point. He also added later that something that she buys is going to get broken and she'll be upset about that too. The broken thing we're already dealing with and have been dealing with since shortly after Christmas when the dogs got to her new gameboy and chewed it up. I think both Casey and I were as pissed about that one as Lily was.

We'll probably get her another one come tax return, though.

In other news, Dad and I had a fun weekend. We hadn't really hung out just the two of us in a while. I really enjoyed going to the movies with him and just kind of hanging out. It was fun. I also enjoyed treating him to the movies, for once. I really don't like dad paying for stuff when he's up here. He's our guest, so we should treat him that way and he shouldn't have to pay for anything that we suggest to do as far as activity goes. I'm kind of disappointed that I haven't been able to show him Serenity yet, though.

Well, I'm off. I must go procure Valentine's for my hubby and daughter and then I'm going to check Toy's R Us for a piggy bank. Oh, and then I have a TON of stuff to do at home. Casey was wonderful yet again and did some laundry while I was out hanging with my dad. I really don't think I show my appreciation to him enough. Although, he seems to be enjoying the daily foot rubs.

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