Thursday, February 02, 2006

::snip snip::

Both Casey and I got haircuts yesterday (and i'm secretely wishing that Lily would let me cut hers, but she is bound and determined to "have hair like Pocahontas"... note: that would be the disney Pocahontas... Lily is only 6, afterall). I got to cut Casey's hair (and afterwards he shaved off all his scruff) and I went to Mia and Maxx for a haircut and chatted up my stylist (also named Jess) about the industry. We talked shop about flat irons, if whispy bangs would look good with the particular hair cut I was going for (pictures forthcoming if I ever get around to styling it today...Lily has fever so we've been doing a lot of nothing), the best way to build up clientel as far as stylists go and I was told two things that I may actually listen to:

1) The best way to build up clientel as far as becoming a stylist is concerned, is to start at the mall. If you start at a private salon, you won't have the walk in traffic that you do at the mall and walk-ins are the best way to build your clientel. Good advice.

2) I should go to the expo in Chicago at the end of February. Thoughts of neat hair cuts and discounts on uberproducts dance through my head! I wonder if we can make a field trip out of it??

Casey is liking my new cut. It's basically the same cut I had last time, but it needed to be cleaned up badly. One side was growing much faster than the other and I looked relatively silly. Not at all a good thing for fashionista in training. How will I ever be taken seriously if I don't look good myself? My eyebrows... well, that's another story entirely that I wish not to discuss. They look downright silly, though. TOO THIN!! And I can't do anything but sit back and let them grow.

Well, I must go. Lily requires cuddling. She's needed a lot of that today, but she's been sick so I'll amuse her.

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