Monday, March 13, 2006


This weekend has been nothing but mother nature saying "Hey! Kids are cute!" And not necessarily human kids, either... we're talking baby goats. Want proof? Here ya go.

These two adorable cutie-pies (Lana on the left and I can't remember the other ones' name, sorry!) were born Friday night. While we missed the actual birthing (there was a bit of drama and I will link to Kingston Farm's as soon as I get the link for the full story), these pics were taken Saturday afternoon. I'm still amazed that Lily actually held one! She gets braver and braver every day! While I didn't hold a goat, I did take plenty of pictures... and I didn't notice this until a few moments ago, but I really think that Lana, the baby goat Casey is holding.... Well, they kinda look the same... You be the judge.

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