Saturday, March 04, 2006

Another busy Saturday

This morning I was up at 7:00, in the tub (I was quite stinky from last night's Karate class), and now I am in the process of prepping to leave for class. While I feel good and my entire body feels quite loose yet awake, I am also feeling very tired. My body is a walking contradiction! I figure I'll stop on the way to school and buy myself a Red Bull or something.

We got ourselves a membership to Sam's Club last night. We got there at 8:20, they close at 8:30, so we had enough time to get Casey some candy in preparation of quitting smoking on Tuesday. Why Tuesday? Several reasons. First, he wanted to start during the week so he'd be quitting while he was at work. Majority has quite a few projects going on so he's going to be quite busy at work this week. Busy = good simply because he won't have time to smoke. ALSO, if he quits on Tuesday, day four will be on Saturday. Saturday I am never home before 3:00PM (class gets out at 2:30). Day four is always a bad day. We have gotten into several fights on day 4 and personally, I really don't want to be around on day four. So yeah, those are our reasons for quitting on Tuesday.

Karate really kicked my butt last night. I mean REALLY kicked my butt. We started off class doing punches, but they were 360 punches. Basically, you jump in a circle and you're supposed to land where you started and then you punch. I don't have the coordination for that yet. I had hella fun trying, though!

I really must go now. I have to blow dry my hair and I have 15 minutes before I have to leave (that's if I want to stop for Red Bull).


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