Monday, March 20, 2006

Being Nice

Today's big project has nothing to do with me or the home (although, I fully intend to do some laundry today as well as my "big project."

Alejandro (my Neon) is currently having it's tie rods replaced and Casey was nice enough to let me borrow the Jeep for the day. So, what else can I do but clean the bugger out for him. And trust me, it needs a thurough cleaning. If you think the outside needs a bath, you should see the inside. My hope is to make him feel bad for sitting in it dirty. My other reason for doing it is to eliminate any more cigarettes from the various hidey spots in the jeep. We've been having some issues as far as the quitting goes. For the most part, I'm mainly ignoring it. I've done the bugging him, I've done the conciously not bugging him and now I'm just going to sit back and go with the flow. If he quits, yeah, good for him. If he doesn't quit, I'm going to start hounding him about the money aspect.

At least if he doesn't quit, I get to have my cell phone back?? That was the deal. I give up my phone and he quits smoking. I think it was a fair trade because it was something we each love.

In other news, I'm toying around with driving down to Kentucky next week with Lily. Kind of an all girls roadtrip kind of thing. We'd leave either Thursday afternoon or Friday morning and come back Monday afternoon in time for Karate and swimming lessons. I really don't want to go without Casey, but at the same time I know he could use some naked guy time sans us girls. I dunno... I'm torn on the subject.

Well, I better get cracking. Lots of plans today and so very little time to accomplish them in.

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