Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Drama of Minor Proportions

I was thinking "Hey, I'll be early for once!" this morning (I'm always atleast 5 minutes early for school, etc, but I wanted to be earlier) and as I get Lily in her coat and out the door, I walk off the porch and find my right rear tire, completely flat. It looked similar to the one pictured (No, I did not take the pic, the pic is curtosy of an image search for flat tire pictures from google.).

First thing first: get Lily to school. I grab her by the hand and start walking up the street to the Mariah's house. Mariah has a little girl that is in the same grade as Lily and she normally leaves the same time as me. You'd think we'd car pool since we only live a block apart, but she takes her other daughter to day care after dropping first kid off at school so that means completely opposite directions. Unfortunately, Mariah was not home. Luckily, Daniel (next door neighbor's son) was home and I was able to bum to get Lily to school. Thank you Daniel. Unfortunately, he could not stay to help me change the tire, so he just dropped me off at the end of the block and then home I came.

The drama didn't stop there, though. In fact, it was just getting warmed up. I started calling around to see if I could get a hold of anyone. I managed to get a hold of Jed, but he was in Elkhart and unable to help at time, so that didn't work. Mickie was not answering, Casey wasn't answering and Shay wasn't answering either. So, I got to the task of cleaning out the trunk so I could get the spare out.

I started yanking on the thing and was like "Why the hell won't you come out?!" The spare was screwed down! So, I unscrewed it, got it out of the trunk, only to find that there was no jack or tire iron in my car. Luckily, the neighbor across the street pulled up to his house shortly after I started circling the car, uttering swear words at it. Honestly? Didn't seem like anything better to do. He came over, kind of shaking his head and laughing and I asked him if he knew how to change a tire. I must have looked rather pitiful, because he helped. In fact, he even offered to follow me to the tire place after he got the donut on!

I called Montieth Tire and they were able to squeeze me in for a repair and while I was at it i had the tires rotated. They didn't charge me a dime! Thank you Montieth! I guess it helps that I bought the tires there and I have been going to Montieth for years.

Finally, around 11, I headed home. I decided that it wasn't worth going to school for an hour and a half (Elkhart is a 30 minute drive to our house), and then remembering it was going to roughly an hour before I would get to class (I had to go back home for my stuff), I called school and consulted with my teacher. She agreed that it would be best if I just wait until tomorrow to come in and didn't see the point to my coming in today. It annoys me because I enjoy school and I missed enough with my back being injured. Not only that, but we're doing state laws currently and well, that is a very dull thing to learn all by myself.

BUT at least my car is now fixed and the drama is over. Now, if I could get a nap in I'd be set. I really must finish up the laundry, though.

Tata for now!

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