Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Love notes from my hubby...

My hubby loves me! I found this note on the computer this morning. Casey wrote it last night. I really just wanted to brag.

"Oh and I just wanted to take some time and tell you how kick ass you have been. These past few weeks you have been absolutly stunning in all aspects of what you do. Despite an ever increasing lack of free time, new hobbies, school for both you and lily, lawyers, irs, and backpain, you are single handedly turning this house around, and cooking dinner to-boot.

Seriously, you have been doing so much that I have actually started feeling guilty about how much I do. With this amount of perfection from you, it will make it all that much easyer to quite smokeing when that day comes, also I am 100% positive that without you rocking so much I don't think I could have gotten throu this ruff patch at work. I just don't quite know how to put into words how pleased I am. You continually amaze me."

I think I will have a continuously giddy smile on my face for the rest of the week. I would bake him a cake, but I already did that (and for no reason what so ever, just felt like baking him a cake... it was german chocolate if anyone is curious)... so I think I'll make brownies this time around.


lovelysalome said...

I like how you kept all the spelling mistakes, so we all know it really is Casey :)

Mircalla said...

It is such a great message of love and so spontaneous... I think it is the best compliment when someone tells you that you are *inspirational*.