Thursday, March 16, 2006


LILY LOST HER FIRST BABY TOOTH TODAY!!! We are now eagerly awaiting a visit from the toothfairy. Lily is kind of starting her own thing as far as the tooth fairy is concerned. She knows the tooth fairy is going to come and bring her money (Which she asked if she still got her allowance even though the tooth fairy is bringing her some money, smart girl.) but she has decided to write the tooth fairy a letter and draw her a picture, too. She took the letter ("Dear Tooth Fairy, I love you. Love, Lily) and the drawing and the tooth and asked me for a bottle so she could roll up everything and put it all under her pillow. Now, the bottle won't fit, but just to make sure she didn't loose her tooth, we put that in a paper towel and put that under her pillow.

I don't know who is more excited. Lily, because this is her first visit from the tooth fairy (we're expecting another visit quite soon... she has another wiggly tooth next to the one that just came out) or me, who gets to play tooth fairy for the first time. I'm excited, a bit proud, and a bit sad all in one. My baby is growing up...and losing her baby teeth. I really don't think I was ready for it.

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lovelysalome said...

Congrats to you both for surviving this milestone. I'll freak in a few years when it's my turn and I'll have to realize how quickly time has flown.