Wednesday, March 29, 2006

To do list...

Prior to leaving I must:

1) Deposit check into bank. Damn Majority for not having direct deposit.
2) Finish laundry (including folding and putting away clothes)
3) Hunt down sandals; both the teva style and platform chunky heal ones.
4) Pack clothes and remember to pack phone charger. (me = procrastinator... I always leave packing to last minute)
5) Purchase gas for car, ice for cooler. (I will not be stopping at McDonald's or a gas station for munchies! NO NO NO!)
6) Dye hair deep red.
7) Pack activities for Lily to do in the car (I'm preparing for the fact that she may not sleep the entire way).
8) Load car.
9) Love on doggies, give them cheese so they miss me.
10) Parent-teacher conference at 2:30
11) Drive to Kentucky.

What are y'all doing today??

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