Monday, March 27, 2006

Update on fashion and latest goings on...

I decided (finally) that Lily and I will definitely be taking a road trip down south to Kentucky to visit my dad, step-mom, etc. It kind of settles my itch for a road trip and it also gives me and Lily some quality mommy-daughter time. It also gives Casey some much needed "I am a man and I must sit on the couch completely naked and play Ninja Gaiden Black" time. I think it will be good for all parties involved, although I have to admit that I'm already missing him (yes, I'm pathetic...).

I found out it is going to be 70-ish in Madisonville when I go and naturally that has me thinking about all of the wonderful summer type clothing I can wear. My taste in clothes this spring tends to be heading toward bohemian or crinkle style skirts with either a print tee-shirt or tank top, accented with some delicate hoop earrings and a blue and green (think peacock colours) 60 inch beaded necklace should round out the look quite nicely.
You can dress up the look with either the tank to the right and a pair of cute strappy sandals and some fancier jewlery (maybe even a belly dancer style belt?) or go more casual by throwing on a pair of black flip flops and a tee-shirt, ditch the accessories (although, I do recommend an ankle bracelet just to be cute) and go. It's a great look in my opinion.

I'm thinking I may be a bit behind the latest trends, but I tend to like my own thing. Maybe that makes me cutting edge?

In other fashionista news my hair goes back to red this evening. I'm in the mood and I want to do it before I go back to school tomorrow. Tonight is the only night I have to do it so why not?

I don't know if I'll update much before I leave. You never know. I'll try and update while I'm on the road, but no guarentees. Otherwise, I'll write when I get back on Sunday! I will have access to a 'puter some of those days, though. ;-)

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