Friday, April 28, 2006

Dear Sci Fi Channel, Please hire me...

I created this style in class on Thursday. My inspiration was watching way too much Sci Fi channel.

Back view. In the center you see a rope braid (with a regular braid tucked underneath, it is slightly peaking out on the left hand side....this was taken prior to pinning). On either side there are two inverted braids and also two smaller rope braids that connect on the bottom and are tucked in on either side of the head.

In this photograh, you have the style from the top. You can clearly see the three inverted/"cornrow" style braids connecting into the larger rope braid that run down the length of the head. You can also see the two smaller rope braids on the side of the head.

This final side angle, you can clearly see two of the three (the third can be seen in the mirror) "cornrows" and you can also clearly see the rope braid on the side of the head. You can also see how the braids are all intertwined on the sides. Unfortunately, you can also see the rubber band and where I tucked the end of the braid in to hide it, but it still looks really neat.

The entire style took about 45 minutes to do and most of that was me trying to decide what I wanted to do. I just kind of started braiding and went from there. I think it would be absolutely neat to work on some sci-fi tv show or movie or something, though. Maybe I should look into that??

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lovelysalome said...

That rocks. Serious space princess vibes. :)