Thursday, April 13, 2006

Has it been 10 years already?

This, for all of you unfamiliar with northern Indiana, is Mishawaka High School. Ten years ago in June, (specifically June 9, and the only reason I remember that is because it was the day before my birthday) I graduated from here.

I had a blast in high school. I think the only time I had more fun was my freshman year of college and I think that particular year was only fun because I was looking for new and interesting ways to annoy the ever-living crap out of my parents. That, however, is another story entirely.

Today is the day that I mail off the RSVP to the person in charge of the thing. They asked the standard questions of name, address, email and then they asked the question: "What have you been up to in the last ten years?" The following is my answer:

"I gained weight, lost weight, gained weight and am trying to lose it again. I married, had a child, divorced, got married again, bought a house, am back in school and am currently quite happy."

I decided to go with the short version of the story simply because I'll have plenty of time to bore people with the details at the reunion. I'm still trying to talk Matt into coming for the reunion. I haven't heard from him lately. I did, however, try to sweeten the pot by inticing him that I would call up Cheezlog and get him over to my house simply so we can continue the summer tradition of dumping a two liter of pop on him. You may be thinking "How awful!" But, who is to argue with tradition? We did it sophomore through senior year in high school (we didn't know each other freshman year), so why not relive the moment for old time's sake? Hmmm... maybe that is one of the many reasons Cheezlog didn't like high school? And do I really want Cheezlog knowing where I live?

In any case, I have decided that I want to start looking up people that I knew (mainly the people I'm curious about) and go from there. SO, if your name is (or was) Mary Dekever, Angela Moerchen, Brenda Dover (even though I know Brenda didn't graduate until two years after us), or you were a member of the Mishawaka High School Spell Bowl or Super Bowl team and graduated in 1996, drop me a line, okay??

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