Sunday, May 21, 2006

How do you feel?

Today I feel grumpy and frustrated. I feel like everything is piling up and I also feel as if I have no control over it. I also feel like I got very little sleep and I have had a raging headache since I woke up (yes, I took some tylenol, but it does not seem to be working) and I'm incredibly annoyed at the world.

I couldn't find the car keys, and low and behold an hour after the fact I find them sitting here in the computer room. Um, it is very rare that I play on the computer on Sundays. Usually because Casey is playing on the computer.

To top everything off, the last episode of Charmed is on this evening and I am rather depressed at the lack of good tv anymore. Even though I think this past season of Charmed has been rather lackluster. The last two episodes, though, have been pretty good.

ANYWHO... Yeah, I'm going to go clean my floors (aka the never ending battle) and do some more laundry. Then, I will continue with my grumpy moping about the house and wait for Casey to get home.

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