Monday, May 22, 2006

In case you were wondering...

Okay all... Less than 20 days to my birthday (18 to be precise) and I have decided to blog my list of birthday hints. You can all get together and coordinate as need be. Here's my list of top wants (and then some for those of you who don't want to go with top wants): (OH and I'm sorry for the lack of pictures. Blogger was having issues uploading pics. I got a nice one of the Party Girl DVD though.)

1) Charmed Season 5. It comes out on June 6th. Great big duh for anyone who knows me. The series finale was on Sunday. The last two episodes were fabulous and I'm sad that it won't be on anymore, but 8 seasons is a good run so I'm not complaining.

2) Party Girl DVD. Now, this would be the Parker Posey 1995 movie, not the 1930's "Party Girl" that I have never seen. This is one of my all time favorite movie and oddly enough had nothing to do with me getting a job in the library back in college. I actually got the job then saw the movie. I have it on video but have watched it so many times that it's pretty worn out. Not only that, but our VCR has a tendancy to eat video tapes now, so I haven't watched it in a while. So, you could buy me the DVD for my birthday and know that I'll watch it over and over again!

3) These shoes. You can find them on They're so cute! Things you may not know about me: I'm a shoe-a-holic. In my hayday of shoe buying, I managed to have about thirty pairs of shoes. I still have half of those, although most don't fit (feet and the nose are apparently the only things that continue growing throughout your life apparently). I currently cycle through 5 pairs of shoes, the last pair which rotates depending on season. Those shoes are: my sketchers (which I've had since I was 19 and purchased during my work stint at Eddie Bauer. They're comfy and just today I noticed that one of the treads has a rather large hole in it, but nothing that needs to be replaced at this point in time). Pair number two: my pink and black Sugar Shoes which I bought for roughly $7 at Hot Topic. These are my favorite pair to run around in. Unfortunately, they are a bit small. Pair number three: My Docs. Nuff said. Pair number 4: My new balance tennis shoes. These definitely need to be replaced as they are literally falling apart at the seems. I consider these "work" shoes. I wear these whenever I'm feeling quite lazy about my appearance or will be walking around in public for an extended period of time. They are quite comfy but should not be worn in the rain due to the ripping apart at the seems bit. Pair five is my "rotating" pair. In the winter, pair five consist of my winter boots. Not comfy, but it keeps the feet warm and dry so I deal. Summertime (meaning in the next couple of weeks) signals the bringing out of the lime green platform flip flops. These were an awesome find on my mom's part. She brought them from Panama along with a really tacky shirt that matched them. I find myself wearing the flip flips more than the shirt, though.

I have several other pairs of sandals that I rotate into my summer wear as well, but those are the main shoes. Hense, why shoes are on my birthday list.

4) The book "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown. I read the Da Vinci code and loved it and have been wanting to read "Angels and Demons" for a while. Note: get it in paperback if you want to get it for me. It can be found for $6 at Meijers.

5) SeaQuest DSV season 1. Loved the show.

6) Sliders Season 3 & 4.

7) A couple of practice mannequin heads from Salley's Beauty Supply so I can practice hair cuts without killing my current mannequins. I found out they're not too expensive (roughly $30 a pop, I was expecting somewhere in the vicinity of $100 per head).

8) "Making Faces" by Kevin Aucoin. Kevin Aucoin is a celebrity makeup artist and this is supposed to be a wonderful book to learn how to do those wonderful celebrity makeup jobs. I would not only benefit as far as school is concerned, but I would also benefit in daily life. Wouldn't it be nice to know how to do your own makeup so it looks completely flawless?

Now, my husband keeps telling me that there is no money in being a stylist for television or theatre, but I really like the creative outlet there. Whether I would be creating a soft, southern belle type look or a crazy alien hotty... that sounds really fun to me! I'm thinking of talking to someone at the Morris and seeing if I can sit in on like stage preparations or something one night just to see what all it entails.

9) "Getting it Right." The Milady's Standard Costmetology student guide. Another school related book. Yes, I want school stuff. I am indeed crazy.

OH and if anyone wants to get me something else that's school related, they can get me a new backpack.

So yeah, that's my list thus far. Go forth and buy me stuff. You know you want to. ;-)

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