Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Quick update & Pet Peeve of the day

Really quick because I'm on a cleaning kick. I will go more in depth later.

Casey's birthday was on the 15th. We did the whole birthday thing on Friday evening with my dad, Mickie and Jason (Casey's parents weren't feeling well, so they begged off. No biggie.). The "sparky vegitables" arrived on the 15th as planned. It was a big hit. Sparky vegitables = movie theatre popcorn popper. We now have movie theatre popcorn at home which is just freakin' awesome.

Very nasty test this week at school on Anatomy and physiology. Julie was nice enough to give me homework since Lily was sick yesterday. Not that I've done any of it yet, but will get to it this afternoon hopefully. Easy chapter this time and we're still working on those evil perm things. I'm hoping and praying that they never come back in style.

Pet Peeve of the day: Satellite guy showed up as I was leaving for school this morning. So, I have been home watching him do stuff. He was supposed to move the dish to the front yard (and I quote "why the hell did they put it there? They could have put it in the front!" which is what I've been wondering all along thank you very much) but needed a certain tool for the hookups and had to go purchase it. He left around 10AM and has yet to return. It is now 11:46. I called Dish and they said they didn't know why he hasn't come back yet. Jess is not a happy camper and I proceeded to yell at the poor guy on the phone about me having class and how the appointment wasn't supposed to happen until after 1PM anyway and what the hell was going on that they were so poorly organized. It didn't get me anywhere, but it sure did make me feel better. They promised me a phone call from the manager of local branch and it hasn't happened yet. I'm very much ready to verbally kick some ass. If he wasn't going to come back, then he should have told me "hey, I'm not really going to go get a tool, I'm going to go and not come back."

My time is money spent on my education, thank you very much, and I'd prefer not to waste that time. I'm kicking myself for not going to class and I'm very pissed at Dish for doing this.

So yeah. Now, I must eat some lunch and continue being productive.

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