Sunday, May 07, 2006


This week has been busy and when I have not been busy I have been sneezing and suffering from pretty bad allergies (hense the sleepiness). I did, however, manage to finally upload pictures onto the computer! Now, if only I can get them emailed to the people they need to go to then I'm on the right track. Let's see... I'll start with the fun stuff.

Last week at school we did pretty much nothing. Well, I say nothing although I did learn a few new tricks and I got my "senior" books. No, I'm not a senior quite yet, but the books came in and I got them, so I am happy. Last week we were doing old fashioned hair styles like barrel rolls, french twists (both a classic and simplified version), and something that is called straw sets. Fun stuff. On Wednesday, we had a dress up day when we got to come to class dressed from another time period. First I wanted to go as a flapper, but didn't want to spend $40 on a costume (even though I'd probably wear it again), so then I started looking around for a 1940's-esque type outfit (seemed stockings, slim fitting skirt, blouse) but no luck in finding anything I liked. So, I decided to use what I have... This time it turned out to be jewlery from India. I got a scarf to accent the necklace, tikka and earrings and wha-la! I was pretty! I cannot begin to count the number of compliments that I recieved from not only everyone at school but on the street as well. I went to Lula's Cafe after school to grab what they call an Amalfi (italian soda with cream... I like the strawberry and vanilla in it for my two flavor shots) and several of the people in there thought the look was awesome as well.

The same cannot be said for some of the parents at Lily's school, though. There are a small group of latin america women that looked at me like I was wearing a lobster. One of the other mom's, Mariah, however, thought I looked awesome and promptly asked me where I got the jewlery. The latin american women called me "gringa loca." Translated: Crazy white girl.

Oh well. I was pretty and it made me feel very feminine. Unfortunately, shortly after I picked up Lily I had to take off the stuff because my hair was pulled back so tight I was starting to get a headache. It was fun while it lasted, though.

This week begins preparations for Casey's birthday (which is next monday). I gave him the hint "sparky vegitables." For anyone who knows what I got him, that is definitely a good hint. Sparky he got as something electric, but he's stuck on the vegitables part. I can't help but giggle about that one. I'll definitely be making a german chocolate cake and then whatever else he wants. I'll keep you posted about the menu.

I'll be posting more later as we're going to go see puppies today. Puppies are cute. No, I really don't want one. Other than that we haven't been up to much. Yesterday we went to for free comic book day and Lily and I both came home with five free comics each. Hers included some Archie comics, Disney Donald Duck stuff, and a Simpson's comic book. Mine included a couple of X-Men books, something from Image comics and something from this company called Viper comics (which I only picked up cuz the chick on the cover was cute). After that, we went to Ritters Frozen Custard who was having a free scoop day and got ice cream. It was a fun and most importantly FREE day. Well, with the exception of the gas it took to drive everywhere. But it was fun, and that was the most important part. I think while looking at puppies, we'll try and sneak in some kite flying (if the wind helps us out, that is) or possibly some tree climbing. We'll definitely have fun, though. Pictures to come!

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