Friday, June 30, 2006

Lily's 7th Birthday

Today is Lily's birthday party. She's very much like me on my birthday with the whole "It's my birthday, you have to do what I say..." kind of attitude. Luckily, there is an abundance of cuteness and the attitude comes off as cute and not bitchy.

She had a very good day yesterday. Lots of fun and helping Mommy paint (but not too much because Mommy can go much faster without her help). She played Nintendo and blew bubbles and enjoyed just hanging out. The biggest news, though, is that sometime yesterday afternoon she lost another tooth.

Unfortunately, we did not see the tooth come out. Casey was the first to notice it and we're guessing since she was eatting popcorn at the time, it went the way of the popcorn. She has been running around since then, laughing, about "pooping a tooth." She also got a bit freaked out, though, because she didn't think the tooth fairy would come if she didn't have a tooth. I told her that I would write the tooth fairy a note and since it was her birthday I'm sure that the tooth fairy would cut her some slack. The tooth fairy was very generous and gave her $3.

So yeah, now I'm off to do stuff and prepare for the party and impending trip to Brookfield tomorrow. Not to mention all present wrapping, etc. It's a whole lot of work for something that is going to be shredded in minutes, but it's worth it.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

And for my 100th post...

I didn't realize it until I logged in, but this is my 100th post. I am happy to announce that for my 100th post, I have a great accomplishment under my belt:


Now, all I have to do is about 8 feet of trim and touch ups on the arches and I am done painting until Monday. I am a very happy camper at the moment. Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to break for lunch.

In other news, Lily has figured out it is her birthday.

I never knew I had a muscle there...

Today is day four of painting. Yesterday I began work on the evil trim and painting it white. Note to anyone who is coming over tomorrow: it ain't gonna be done. You'll see the nice brown, you'll see the white windows and base boards and you'll see some brown smudges on the white base boards and you'll also see the still mint green crown molding.

I can't reach the crown molding and Casey is currently too busy with other projects so that won't get done till next week and everything else... Well, that won't get finished until next week.

Today is Lily's birthday and tomorrow is the party so yeah... I've got a LOT of clean up to do.

My entire body aches. I feel muscles that I didn't even know I had and they're all screaming "WTF?! You had it easy! Why are you torturing us?!" Casey says that I should just keep moving and it won't be so bad. While I am trying very hard to keep moving, my right arm is absolutely killing me from all the painting. I have resigned myself to the fact that I won't be able to completely finish, but if I can just finish the living room wall and get the first coat of white on the trim I will be happy. I will be satisfied with that.

Casey is incredibly proud of me for the whole paint thing. I'm plowing through like quite the trooper and haven't lost my steam yet. I may be aching and I may have gone to bed at like 9:30 last night because I had a headache, but I'm bound and determined to finish that damn wall today. If I'm feeling ambitious I may go give it a second coat. Casey is loving the fact that I just kind of jumped into the project (seriously, I woke up and was like "Um, I'm gonna paint today.") and off I went.

I have to admit, though, I'm not looking forward to clean up. That does not sound fun to me at all. Oh, and I have to get new outlets, too, cuz the ones we have are beige and the trim is white so they don't really match.

And stuff.

SO, I must go be productive now. I took some pictures and will hopefully be uploading soon.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Break time...

I am currently splattered with paint.

I'm not complaining, I'm just stating a fact and I am highly amused by that fact.

The dining room is finished as far as the walls are concerned. I still have to do all the trim, but for the most part it's done and it doesn't look half bad. At the moment, however, I'm pooped. I figured I'd take a break (I've been working steady since about 7:30AM) and have some lunch. I wonder if anyone would say anything if I ran up the road to McDonald's in jean shorts and a sports bra? If they did I would flick bits of paint at them. That would be funny.

So yeah, I'm gonna grab some water and then try and finish the first coat on the living room. Well, half the living room anyway (gotta move a heavy bookshelf and the entertainment center before I can do the other half. Gonna hold off on that one.

To Paint the Ceiling or not to paint the ceiling?

Yesterday, I decided to start painting the living room and dining room. I started the project later in the day, so I didn't get much accomplished, but the dining room is about 3/4 of the way done and my idea is starting to take shape. I am, however, faced with a bit of a dilemma.

Should I paint my ceiling to match the walls?

The color of the walls is American Traditions paint, color "Fudgecicle." It isn't a dark brown, but it's getting there. My plan originally called for me painting the walls brown and then painting the trim on the bottom and around the windows along with the crown molding at the top, white. BUT my thought (and Casey's as well) is that if we paint the top crown molding white, it will just blend in with the ceiling.

So, I'm asking for opinions. Should I paint the ceiling brown or would that just look really weird?

I will post pictures of the endeavor at a later time (I haven't hooked up the camera to the new 'puter yet). Until then, thanks for the input!

Monday, June 26, 2006


WE GOT A NEW COMPUTER! WHOO HOO!! I can now spend hours upon hours playing Sims2 without the computer overheating! Now, if I could only remember the links to all the sites where I downloaded stuff...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

An Open Letter to the Coca-Cola Company

Dear Coca-Cola Company,

It has been several months since you introduced the Black Cherry Vanilla Coke and it still tastes like crap. Would you please bring back Vanilla Coke? It was good, mostly tasty and addicting as all get up. Now, I have to buy bottles of vanilla flavoring and add them to classic coke. It's just not the same! Please, Coke! I'm begging you! Bring the Vanilla Coke back! I would drink Vanilla Pepsi just to spite you, but that stuff tastes like the most rancid rum and coke ever made. So, yeah, pretty please bring back Vanilla Coke.

Thank you for your time.

Yours, ever caffinated,


Lily's haircut...

So, I'm finally getting around to posting pics of Lily's new (well, it's about 2 1/2 weeks old at this point) haircut. Here they are:

She was being quite goofy and didn't really want to pose, but as you can tell, it is a very sleak (it's still wet in the pictures and not brushed) bob, with some cute side (what Lily likes to call "swoopy") bangs and a higher graduation in the back. When her hair is dry you can really see the layers and it just turned out to be a wonderfully fun and great cut for her. She loves pulling her bangs in front of her eyes, just like Cortana from Halo. It's also a really great cut because I can still braid the top part to get it out of her eyes if I want to.

Lily has quite a few things going on at the moment. We recieved her report card a bit ago and she's off to first grade next year. Her teacher couldn't say enough good things about her and according to the reading lists, between home and school, she read over 140 books over the course of the school year! Her reading is improving and she's asking me how to spell almost every word she can think of and she has taken up writing sentences all by herself. Most of the time, the spelling is off on some words, but the words are phonetically correct (example: she wrote "We are going to the hosbi tall today." She was trying for "We are going to the hospital today."). She continues to surprise me every day and her imagination runs away with her on a daily basis.

She turns 7 on June 29. I have to admit that I don't think I'm quite ready to be a mom to a seven year old. I just keep telling myself that it's not a big deal, though, and then I start getting all teary eyed and say "My baby is growing up!!" It's pathetic, really. I don't mind so much, though. We have decided to tell Lily that her birthday is on Friday, rather than on Thursday simply for party planning purposes. She has graduation to her Orange Belt in Karate on Friday, the 30th, and we're doing cake and ice cream afterwards, so Casey and I decided rather than have her completely crazy on thursday and friday we would just wait until Friday and then say happy birthday. Knowing me, though, I'll forget and say happy birthday to her on Thursday. Under no circumstances, however, are we telling her about our trip to Brookfield Zoo next Saturday. I made the mistake of mentioning a barbeque that we're having on July 7th and Lily is now talking about it nonstop. Yesterday, it got so bad that I told her that if she mentioned it one more time she would not be attending the barbeque at all. Thankfully, she stopped talking about it. But I know in the back of her head, she's thinking about it a lot.

I love my kid...she's an exact copy of myself. Sometimes that frightens me.

Monday, June 19, 2006


This past week we've been getting into the summer swing of things. This week was the first full week that Lily went to my mom's and I've actually got the timing of dropping Lily off and getting to school down pretty good. I've discovered I can sleep in until 7:00 and still get myself up, showered, dressed, Lily up, dressed and fed and out the door by 8:00 and to school by 8:40. I'm thinking of doing a dry run one of these days to the Stone parental unit's house just so I know how that will go when Lily goes to them while my mom is roughing it at the Grand Canyon (Note: thank you Kathy and Dennis!!! It is much appreciated!!).

Other than school, we didn't do much this week. We had a lazy weekend, but I managed to go see my mom dance with her line dance class at Battell Center this week. She actually did pretty well, but honestly? Line dancing is kind of dull to watch. At least I got to marvel at the belly dancers standing by the road trying to get people to come in and buy port-a-pit chicken. Talk about smart marketing! They also had a couple at the booth handing it out. IT WAS AWESOME!

Saturday we also went jeepin' for a while (it was 92 degrees outside, so we were all quite toasty), stopped by Mickie and Jason's place and went to the park to play in the new water activity area they have. Lily had fun running in circles until she accidentally got pushed down by a big kid. The kid was really nice about it. Instead of ignoring her, he actually came over to her, helped her up and asked her if she was okay. He then walked her over to me and apologized! It kind of took me by surprise, the politeness of this kid. Whoever his parents are, kudos to you!

After that, Lily decided she wanted no more of the water park, and we retreated to the jungle gym. Casey and I were being silly and I attacked him, pinning him down and kissed him. This kid sitting at a picnic table yelled over at us "Get a room!" which made us bust into giggles. The funny thing is, we weren't being overly affectionate, we were just being silly. We obliged the kid by ending our silliness and sat down at the picnic table like good parents should.

We eventually walked back to Mickie's house and took off, making plans to go to a barbeque on Sunday afternoon, but those plans were a wash due to all the rain we got yesterday. They're trying to shoot for Wednesday but anything during the week is just not good for us.

So, that's where we're at. Nothing too exciting. Lily's birthday is coming up soon and we're going to be prepping for that. We're also prepping for the impending reunion weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing Matt and meeting Ben. I'm planning a few things that I think would be fun (including rafting down the east race). We'll see how it goes.

More later! Hopefully!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Post Birthday Stuff

So, yesterday was my birthday. I woke up around 9:30, Lily snuggling up next to me (don't know when that happened, but she snuck in and was snuggling up against me). My mom had called twice (she finally got the day right!) so I called her back and she sang happy birthday to me and told me that she hoped that my year was prosperous, happy, I stayed healthy and strong. I naturally said thank you. About twenty minutes after that my dad called to wish me a happy birthday. After talking to both parental units, I decided to call Casey.

Casey answered his phone, teasing me "So, you're finally up, huh?" I laughed and said yeah. He then asked me if I would like breakfast in bed ala Casey. Instantly I was like "Huh? You're at work!" It was then he came up the stairs with a can of Rock Star energy drink and a cupcake with a candle on it and proceeded to sing happy birthday to me. It was completely awesome! It turned out that due to the rain that we recieved in the morning, Casey didn't have to go to work. I was ecstatic! Lily, Casey and I ate cupcakes in bed and lounged around for a couple of hours looking at pictures and being silly.

When we finally got out of bed, Lily decided that she wanted her hair cut like Cortana from the video game Halo. I got it pretty close (Cortana's hair is a short, angled bob that is longer in the front and shorter in the back... technical term: high graduation bob.). At first, I cut it exactly like Cortana's with the front coming quite far down in the front, but I didn't like how it looked on her, so I cut it shorter (just past her chin) in the front and it goes up to the nape of her neck in the back. (Pictures forthcoming.) The end result was a very sleek and fun bob hair cut and when her bangs grow a couple more inches, they will be the same length in the front as the rest of her hair, which will be very very cute. I was incredibly impressed with the back of her hair, especially, because I cut a couple of layers into it which add some volume and movement into her hair. This is the first full on hair cut that I have given anyone since I began school and not only is Casey impressed but my mom complimented me on a job well done, too (although, she was quite disappointed that Lily's hair can no longer be braided in a french braid). I am very happy.

After the hair cut, we played some Mario Sunshine on the gamecube and then off to Abi's house for Lily. Casey and I went out and I got a new pair of Nike's (my other sneakers were in horrible shape) and a matching pink backpack. The Nike's were a task to find! I had to go to three stores before I actually found a pair of shoes that I not only liked, but fit me as well! The ones that I got (which are the exact same as the picture to the left) are actually kids size 6. Oh, the things that I do for pink!

After that, we went home and I watched an episode of Charmed (from Season 5, my present from Casey) and then we decided to head off on an adventure to Bonneyville Mills. When we arrived at Bonneyville Mills, we found a frisbee and played for a good hour or two, finally getting tired and we climbed to the top of the lookout tower (aka teenage makeout spot central). We were both feeling silly and goofball romantic, so we proceeded to take out the car keys and attempt to engrave our names along side the likes of Nicole and Tony, Cassidy and "the Dirty Dozen." After several failed attempts (it was NOT easy!), we settled for something that looked like our initials and laughed about the whole thing and wondered exactly how much could we get away with sexually speaking without getting caught. Thankfully, we're both chicken shits and it was a bit too cold to do anything that required disrobing. So, we settled for throwing the frisbee off the top of the tower and telling ourselves that next time we would plan accordingly. We also are planning to go back in the winter with blankets, a couple of candles and a thermos of hot cocoa for some romantic snow viewing.

On the way home, we saw the moon. It was full and huge! I took it as a sign of good luck and we went off in search of food. We ended up at Perkins, where we sat and chatted for a good long time and then finally went home, arriving just after midnight.

Today, we're just kind of hanging out all loungified and not doing anything. I'm contemplating going upstairs and taking a nap or reading some Angel's and Demons. OR maybe I'll try and talk Casey into buying a hammock. That, would be totally fun and we would both enjoy it.

Many thanks to all of you who called or emailed! Love the birthday attention! And for those of you who didn't call or email... YOU SUCK! Kidding. You don't suck, but I realize now that you must not like me that much... I won't point any fingers or say any names... Matt... (I never said I wouldn't type your name, though.... lol)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Mwa HA Ha HA ha


Ahh the traditional birthday hacking of your wife's Blog to wish her a Happy birthday just like the Quakers did some 200 years ago.

Happy birthday babe.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Gratuitous Pre-Birthday Post

Today I....

1) Slept in till 8:30 (whoo hoo! 8:30!)
2) Played Nintendo with Lily
3) Talked with Shay
4) Read some of "Angels & Demons"
5) Got my hair cut and eyebrows waxed.
6) Purchased more frosting for cake.
7) Ate McDonald's with Lily
8) Played outside with Lily.
9) Played on the internet.
10) Started baking cake only to find I was out of eggs.
11) Ran up the road for eggs.
12) Baking cake (in progess, has about 15 minutes to go)

Shortly I will be frosting said cake with obnoxiously pink frosting and red sprinkles. I feel like an obnoxiously pink cake this year. It sounds fun.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Here's another present idea...

With only two days to go till my birthday and not a lot of loot (or cards for that matter) to show for it... Here is a last minute gift idea for those of you scratching your heads:

Mini Cooper Convertible (doesn't matter on the year, although I think they first came out in 2004??). Preferably red or baby blue, matching interior would be nice, but I'm not picky. I also prefer manual tranmission and maybe some black racing stripes on the bonnet.

Pretty please???

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Very Fast Post

Okay, I'm running late, but I had to brag...

I made these... FROM SCRATCH!! No box mixes for these beauties. And they're tasty too (chocolate with pink frosting). If any one is interested, I will be making another batch after school today. These particular ones go to Lily's school.


Saturday, June 03, 2006


The past couple of days I've been thinking about my birthdays of the past and asking myself what my favorite birthday present of all time was? I've narrowed it down to two items. Item number one: my go-kart. Item number two: my very first car (a Plymouth Horizon Hatchback that I have absolutely fond memories of).

Considering that two of my favorite gifts were dealing with my need for speed (and I've only had two speeding tickets ever, thank you very much knock on fake wood), I was thinking what better way to say "Happy birthday Jess!" than doing something completely youth oriented and stupid and strapping myself into a hunk of metal with a lawn mower engine attached and racing around on asphalt. Yep, that's right... Next Saturday I fully intend to go go-kart racing. I figure since a Mini Cooper convertible costs about $300 a day to rent then I'll settle for a go-kart. Note: I fully intend to kick Casey's ass.

So here is your invitation: We will be going to Hacker's Golf and Games (on US31 North heading toward Niles, MI) on Saturday, June 10 to race go-karts. Call me and I will give you the details. It promises to be amusing at the very least and you'll get to laugh at Casey sitting in an iddy biddy go-kart. I'm sure there will be cake and ice cream in there somewhere. SO, please come and have fun with us!

OH, and if anyone out there wants to get me a Mini Cooper Convertible, I'm still TOTALLY up for that particular present... ;-) (Daddy, hint hint, Daddy???)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Only 9 Days till my Birthday!!!

So, um, 9 Days until my birthday. You have that many days to buy me stuff and give it to me. Yeah. And I cut my hair off, too.