Monday, June 19, 2006


This past week we've been getting into the summer swing of things. This week was the first full week that Lily went to my mom's and I've actually got the timing of dropping Lily off and getting to school down pretty good. I've discovered I can sleep in until 7:00 and still get myself up, showered, dressed, Lily up, dressed and fed and out the door by 8:00 and to school by 8:40. I'm thinking of doing a dry run one of these days to the Stone parental unit's house just so I know how that will go when Lily goes to them while my mom is roughing it at the Grand Canyon (Note: thank you Kathy and Dennis!!! It is much appreciated!!).

Other than school, we didn't do much this week. We had a lazy weekend, but I managed to go see my mom dance with her line dance class at Battell Center this week. She actually did pretty well, but honestly? Line dancing is kind of dull to watch. At least I got to marvel at the belly dancers standing by the road trying to get people to come in and buy port-a-pit chicken. Talk about smart marketing! They also had a couple at the booth handing it out. IT WAS AWESOME!

Saturday we also went jeepin' for a while (it was 92 degrees outside, so we were all quite toasty), stopped by Mickie and Jason's place and went to the park to play in the new water activity area they have. Lily had fun running in circles until she accidentally got pushed down by a big kid. The kid was really nice about it. Instead of ignoring her, he actually came over to her, helped her up and asked her if she was okay. He then walked her over to me and apologized! It kind of took me by surprise, the politeness of this kid. Whoever his parents are, kudos to you!

After that, Lily decided she wanted no more of the water park, and we retreated to the jungle gym. Casey and I were being silly and I attacked him, pinning him down and kissed him. This kid sitting at a picnic table yelled over at us "Get a room!" which made us bust into giggles. The funny thing is, we weren't being overly affectionate, we were just being silly. We obliged the kid by ending our silliness and sat down at the picnic table like good parents should.

We eventually walked back to Mickie's house and took off, making plans to go to a barbeque on Sunday afternoon, but those plans were a wash due to all the rain we got yesterday. They're trying to shoot for Wednesday but anything during the week is just not good for us.

So, that's where we're at. Nothing too exciting. Lily's birthday is coming up soon and we're going to be prepping for that. We're also prepping for the impending reunion weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing Matt and meeting Ben. I'm planning a few things that I think would be fun (including rafting down the east race). We'll see how it goes.

More later! Hopefully!

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