Saturday, June 03, 2006


The past couple of days I've been thinking about my birthdays of the past and asking myself what my favorite birthday present of all time was? I've narrowed it down to two items. Item number one: my go-kart. Item number two: my very first car (a Plymouth Horizon Hatchback that I have absolutely fond memories of).

Considering that two of my favorite gifts were dealing with my need for speed (and I've only had two speeding tickets ever, thank you very much knock on fake wood), I was thinking what better way to say "Happy birthday Jess!" than doing something completely youth oriented and stupid and strapping myself into a hunk of metal with a lawn mower engine attached and racing around on asphalt. Yep, that's right... Next Saturday I fully intend to go go-kart racing. I figure since a Mini Cooper convertible costs about $300 a day to rent then I'll settle for a go-kart. Note: I fully intend to kick Casey's ass.

So here is your invitation: We will be going to Hacker's Golf and Games (on US31 North heading toward Niles, MI) on Saturday, June 10 to race go-karts. Call me and I will give you the details. It promises to be amusing at the very least and you'll get to laugh at Casey sitting in an iddy biddy go-kart. I'm sure there will be cake and ice cream in there somewhere. SO, please come and have fun with us!

OH, and if anyone out there wants to get me a Mini Cooper Convertible, I'm still TOTALLY up for that particular present... ;-) (Daddy, hint hint, Daddy???)

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