Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"Elf in Training"

So, here are two pictures from my first attempt at shooting my bow. (Cabela's pictures to come soon, I promise!) Casey says I'm an elf in training.

I have found two potential names for my bow (both Elvish, which Casey giggled at me, but it deserves an elvish name methinks): Faelwen, which means justice, and Siladhiel which means the shining one. I'm also kind of partial to Caladwen, which means Light. Bow of Light. It just sounds cool. Hee hee. ANYWHO... on with the pictures.

Notice the wonderful red spot on my arm just past my guard. That's what happens when you get distracted and the bow string smacks your arm. It is now purple and three days later it still hurts! YEOWCH!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

My new toy.

This is me with my new toy taken when we got home from Cabela's (neat photos to be posted tomorrow). I haven't decided on a name for my bow yet (I'm thinking it should be something elvish), but I did get a nifty archery glove, a Cabela's hat, a nifty quiver that I can sling on my back if I find a strap for it and a long sleeved tee shirt that would give Bob's shirt a run for his money.

Yep, I'm officially a Cabela's wife. Although, my criteria for bow and arrows was as follows:

The bow must be black and an easy draw (not too much weight cuz I'm a wuss) and the arrows had to be pretty. I chose red and black arrows to go with my bow. Apparently, they're just a tad better than Casey's too. Hee hee.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Weekend in Review

I looked up the word review on the "wikitionary" and this is one of the definitions it gave:

"...review: An account intended as a critical evaluation of a text or a piece of work...."

This weekend was certainly a piece of work.

I wrote the previous post just ten minutes before I left for my 10 year high school reunion. I was excited and slightly nervous. Just what had ten years done to my classmates? Were they happy? Were they successful? Were they nicer than they used to be? I sarcastically made predictions about how the cheerleaders were going to be fat and nasty.

Never again will I be THAT liberal with the use of sarcasm. Even though I wanted to be optimistic and think that people could have changed in 10 years, the only ones that had changed were the people that I was with and we honestly changed in the fact that while in high school we felt inferior to the people that were popular and "in" back in the day and now we felt superior. We somehow turned into "the cool kids."

Yes, that's right, we watched the beautiful people sneering at us from their table as if daring us to come over and say something to them so they could insult us. I actually think I would have gone over and said something to them if I weren't so afraid that they were going to sit on me and squish me!

It took no time at all for the old cliques to form and while I may say all these horrible things about certain people that were there, I have to admit that I actually had a good time talking to the people I did talk to and who talked to me. I got to reconnect with some people that I hadn't seen in a very long time and I had a generally good time. Robin, the coordinator of the event, did a hell of a job and I give her tons of kudos. The only way anyone is going to get me to go to my 20 year reunion is if she does it again.

After departing from the reunion Matt, Ben and I headed off to Ritter's Frozen Custard and chowed down on ice cream and then it was off to Truman's for the drag show. That was the best part of the evening, hands down! Leave it to me to enjoy shoving dollar bills down a man's bra! We hooked up with SIS, his girlfriend, Jed, Brooke, Meredith and I ran into a guy that I knew from high school that I used to have an immense crush on (he's now gay). I got the name of his stylist and the woman who does his eyebrows simply because he had better eyebrows than me and he looks fabulous. We watched the show, I had enough to drink where I was light headed and then off to the dance floor! Matt and Ben were so absolutely cute. I'm so completely happy for them! I'm even more happy for Matt, though, because he seems genuinely happy and I can't remember the last time I saw him this relaxed. I'd have to think back to the Great Ani Difranco Weekend to remember him being so.... not pacing.

I'm hoping my reconnecting with people will also give me more of a social life. Outside of school and family I don't have much of one and I do love to go dancing. I'm hoping that this will be a new shot to the arm of energy. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go finish up laundry. My baby needs pants.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

10 years...

In a few moments I will be off to my 10 year high school reunion. Sans Casey. I am a bit upset about the fact that Casey doesn't want to come, but I am bound and determined to have fun anyway. Matt and Ben will be my escorts for the evening so that should be fun. We're going to round out the evening with a trip to Ritter's Frozen Custard and Truman's (aka the only gay bar in South Bend). Jed said he'd hook up with me at Truman's so it's all good.

I just really wish Casey was going. He didn't even say that I looked pretty tonight!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Catch O The Day

This is the first thing I saw this morning when I came downstairs for my breakfast.

Bonzai is a better mouser than we thought! Way to go kitty!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

An Incredibly Long Engagement.

This is Thomas. Thomas is my best friend Michelle's son. Thomas is only 8 months old. Knowing this you can understand why I started laughing hysterically when Lily announced to me (in the middle of Meijers) that she is going to marry Thomas when they're grown up.

That's not the best part though. Before she gets married to him, she's going to buy him a "super suit" (think Incredibles, the part where Fro-Zone is running around going "Where's my super suit?") and only after she buys him a super suit will she marry him. I asked her how old she was going to be when all of this occured. Her answer: "How old are you Mommy?" We both agreed that 28 is a good age to get married.

If you ask me, Thomas is getting a real deal with the super suit.

Playing Catch Up

Another busy week for us here and I've got so much to blog about and so little time!! I believe we left off with Lily's birthday party.

Everyone was very cool and had a good time. My mom said it best when she said "Our family throws a good get together." Understatement for anyone who has actually been to a thanksgiving dinner in our family, btw. Lily got lots of fat loot including a blow up pool, a stuffed Simba, and an awesome art kit that she was all ecstatic about. She also acheived her orange belt on the same day! We're very proud of our little munckin!

On Saturday we headed to Brookfield Zoo, which ended up not being too bad of a drive. I was expecting things to be a lot more rushed in the morning and us to get to the zoo later than what we wanted, but we actually made it with half an hour to spare! We were actually the first car in the parking lot and got an awesome parking space right across from the gate! We decided to suck it up and pay for the all-in-one ticket, which basically let you do everything in the zoo (children's zoo, carosel, tram, dolphin show, butterflies, etc). We were planning on staying the whole day anyway, so why not?

The first animal we saw was the lion. We have a zoo in South Bend in which they have plexi-glass viewing areas where you can get as close of an experience to an animal as possible (without fear of getting eatten), but I have to say I have never been quite so intimidated as I was on Saturday with this lion. We got to the viewing area and he was right there! Pacing back and forth...and he came right up to the window!! My heart was pounding even though there was nothing to really fear. This lion was mere INCHES from us!! I snapped the picture, he BLINKED and then... R O A R!!! You could see his chest heaving as he roared! Just thinking about it my heart is jumping! For our first experience at the zoo, it was incredible!! Lily hasn't stopped talking about it since then! If you look closely, you'll notice a slight fog to the picture. Yeah, that's the plexi-glass. I'm very very happy it was there.

While there were lots of animals and I have a load of pictures I want to share with you all, I digress simply because of time constraints and wanting to share all of our weekend. So, I shall skip to the dolphin show. Lily was simply in awe of the dolphins. Before the show, we went down to the underwater viewing area and sat and watched the dolphins swim. Lily had never seen dolphins other than on the TV and I think there was an instant love for these wonderful mammals. Her exact quote: "Mommy, they're beautiful!" And then she noticed that they were playing Thievery Coorperation's song "Lebanese Blonde" over the speakers and informed us that we had that CD at home. Yes, dolphins apparentely like ambient techno. But then came the show... The wonderful dolphin show! Lily has now decided that instead of just being a zoo keeper, she wants to be a dolphin trainer.

Since I'm running short on time, I'm going to cut down to the rest of our weekend. The zoo really deserves a much longer post, but there are so many things going on right now it's ridiculous. It's my own fault, too, because Sunday, Monday and Tuesday we were all lazy and I really should have been cleaning, but I didn't. Hense, why I'm busy now.

The other big undertaking that started last week was painting. We finished the dining room. Casey was a wonderful husband and painted the trim for me (since I can't reach it). Today I'm planning on putting up the curtains in the dining room and tomorrow I'll do the living room (living room trim has to be painted yet). But, until the curtains are up, here's what the walls and trim and windows look like. The white trim really makes everything pop, but our only problem with the white is that it shows how crap the trim around everything is and needs replacing. Oh well, that will have to wait. I'm really pleased with how everything turned out. You'll have to excuse the crookedness of the picture on the wall as I just snapped this pic quickly this morning. Oh, and note the placemats on the table. The curtains will match them. I think the beige-ness gives everything an extra kind of flare.

I'm off for now. I'll post again after the big reunion weekend.