Sunday, July 23, 2006

My new toy.

This is me with my new toy taken when we got home from Cabela's (neat photos to be posted tomorrow). I haven't decided on a name for my bow yet (I'm thinking it should be something elvish), but I did get a nifty archery glove, a Cabela's hat, a nifty quiver that I can sling on my back if I find a strap for it and a long sleeved tee shirt that would give Bob's shirt a run for his money.

Yep, I'm officially a Cabela's wife. Although, my criteria for bow and arrows was as follows:

The bow must be black and an easy draw (not too much weight cuz I'm a wuss) and the arrows had to be pretty. I chose red and black arrows to go with my bow. Apparently, they're just a tad better than Casey's too. Hee hee.

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Robin said...

Definitely envious here. I want to take archery up... We shoot and collect guns, but there is just something about archery. It's Sexy. Anyway where the heck is this place you speak of?