Monday, August 28, 2006

The kid is alright.

I figured I'd throw up some Lily updates, seeing as it's been a while. I plan on putting up some Casey updates as well, but won't get to that until later this afternoon, probably.

Lily enjoyed school a lot. She came home from her first day announcing that "First grade is awesome!" and that "Corpus Christi is so much fun!" Cute stuff. I'm happy that she is enjoying it, but the past two schoo days she has been trying to convince me of two things. The first is that her teacher told her that she was not allowed to wear pants. I can kind of see where that comes from because it was very hot on Friday (muggy more than hot, making it slightly uncomfortable) and her teacher probably wanted them to wear shorts to make life a little more bearable (there's only window units as far as AC is concerned). The second thing she's trying to convince me of is that she is not allowed to have cookies or chips in her lunch. This one annoys me a bit more and I will probably ask the teacher about that this evening at the open house, but I'm guessing this stems from the fact that Lily doesn't always finish eatting her sandwich at lunch and in the past has been known to bypass it all together. The teacher probably saw her putting away a half eatten sandwich and told her that she needed to eat it all before eatting any cookies or anything. Personally, knowing Lily's eatting habits, would rather have her eat whatever as long as she eats something. Also, Lily is not allowed to have any kind of snack at home until she finishes all of her lunch, whether it be a couple of cookies she didn't finish or half a sandwich that is still sitting in there. Why waste a snack when there is still food left to be eatten?

Lily has also made a friend. Her name is Katie. She is small, blonde and blue eyed just like Lily and they have pretty much the same hair cut. They were standing next to each other when I picked Lily up on Friday and instantly Lily asked if Katie could come over. I said I would have to meet her mother first and then and only then would we set up a play date. Lily keeps asking me when I'm going to meet the mama now. It's partially cute and partially agrivating.

Lily has also starting watching "vintage" cartoons. Her current favourite is Tom & Jerry. She'll watch them during breakfast and laugh hysterically at them. My thoughts on the matter: at least it's not pokemon. Thankfully, she can't stand pokemon.

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Amicacarmilla said...

Sweet that she has a new friend! :o )