Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My Idea on how to save gas...

Okay, so I realize that this particular idea isn't the best one that I've had, but in some weird way it kind of works. Well, at least it will work for a month or two more and then it'll be time to park this bad boy in the garage (or, if I actually get one, I'll be aiming for a nice cozy spot in front of the heating vent in the dining room... we can use it as a turkey stand for thanksgiving or something... yeah!).

I'm talking NINJA baby! Now, everyone is probably saying "Jess, you really don't need a motorcycle." And yes, it's true, I don't need one but this one is just sooooo pretty? Do you by that excuse? Of course you don't. The truth of the matter is that I pretty much grew up around motorcycles. In fact, I got a motor scooter when I was 12 (still have it, it's sitting in my garage collecting dust). My dad thinks I should start off with something like a Honda Rebel, but me... I'm all about the Ninja. It's not like I want some 1200cc monstrocity. No, I want the one pictured above, which is only 250cc's. Any insurance company that deals with motorcycles will tell you that it's "not considered a sportsbike until it surpasses 600ccs." So, yeah... I still get the zoom zoom of a Ninja without the cost of the sportsbike insurance.

My whole argument pro Ninja is the simple fact that it gets just under 70 miles to a gallon. Sure, I could get a Toyota Corolla that gets 40 highway, but here's point number two: Price tag. $13,000 versus $3000. Which would you rather pay? And if I can find one used, all the better.

So yes, Ninja. Ninja good. Askaninja.com (which has no afflilation with Kawasaki Ninja what so ever, but still fun nonetheless and the theme song is catchy as all get up). Oh, and when you're done with that check out frenchmaidtv.com.

Now go, enrich your lives with lots of silliness.

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