Monday, September 18, 2006

Christmas list: My Two front teeth...

Lily finally lost the other top tooth. FINALLY!!! It's been hanging on by a mere thread for several days and it has been grossing us out for a while. We finally talked her into letting us pull it while on a break from Casey practicing parallel parking with truck and trailer (yeah...not gonna blog about that). In any case, we coerced, begged, pleaded, bribed and even one of the head honcho's at Majority (one of the Mr. Slagel...sorry if I butchered the spelling) was trying to encourage her. Finally got fed up and said "Yeah, we're pulling it." And while attempting not to laugh (which I was really nervous so I was laughing quite a bit which made Lily laugh and pulling a tooth while laughing is not an easy task), pulled the tooth.

So here she is, Ms. Toothless Seven Year Old. She's also sporting new blue glasses that she picked out by herself. The dogs kinda mauled her glasses over the weekend. Thankfully, she was due for a new prescription in October, but with all the Jeep stuff going it could really have come at a better time. Oh well, a month ahead of time isn't too horrible.

In other news, the Jeep should be fixed in 2 weeks. This is as long as they don't find any more problems one they start tearing the bitch down. We'll see. The guy at the body shop said that it looked like the wheel absorbed most of the impact, so I guess that's a good thing for the Jeep. There is definitely a bent wheel axle, though. It definitely could have been worse.

I'll try and update more when I'm not feeling like the walking dead.

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lovelysalome said...

How'd Casey do?

I don't look forward to loose tooth times - squicks me out. And you know they're so close in age it'll just be happening ALL the time!