Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Short Version of the Long of It...

Okay, just to update everyone on what's been going on at the homefront because I haven't posted any of the "scandelous" doings due to not quite knowing what the outcome was going to be until recently. Here goes... Note: this is just the short version. Details will be given if you ask. It's just too much to write in the little time that I have this morning.

1) I am transfering beauty schools. There have been a great many things going on at Michiana Beauty College that have not been good. I tried to keep my nose out of it for a while, but when a school that I supposed to be being educated at blatantly regards the state law as far as cosmetology is concerned and then offers up nothing but excuses as to why problems have not been corrected... Yeah, I have a big problem with that. There is also the fact that the school is losing their accreditation. Financial aid was going to be going away as of October 1 and we would all have to pay lots of money to the school. Financial aid was one of the main factors for me choosing the school. Student loans have helped Casey and me afford this endeavor. With that ending, why not transfer to a cheaper school with none of the problems?

I start Premier College of Cosmetology on November 14th. I'm incredibly excited about this and I should graduate only a month later than originally anticipated. It's been a while since I was really excited about school (too much drama!!), so I'm looking at this as a good thing. Until school starts, however, I will be going back to work. I will be working with my friend Jed again doing the whole advertising thing for Liquid Magazine.

Liquid, for those of you who don't live in Northern Indiana, is a local zine that covers music, art, etc. It's young, fun, and I'm looking forward to getting my official promoting chops rather than just at a school newspaper. That, and Jed and I always have a blast working together. It's more like hanging out with a friend and calling up random strangers than work. Also, what other job cares if you come into the office wearing your pajamas? Not that I'd actually go out in public in pajamas, but yeah...

2) Friday, Sept. 8th, Casey's Jeep got wrecked. A woman ran a red light and hit him. He is perfectly fine, but we are down to one vehicle. This comes a week after we were down one vehicle due to starter problems on Alejandro. Luckily, Alejandro was repaired and is now a happy neon. The Jeep, however, is currently not driveable. If you look at it, it looks like the drivers side rear tire was smushed in and it now sits askew, tilted in toward the vehicle. There is also some body damage on the back and the back door doesn't quite work properly.

I'm just thankful that Casey is okay and he wasn't hurt.

Saturday, the day after the accident, we got on the phone and attempted to get a hold of the woman's insurance agency. They had no record of her whatsoever. Monday, after much time on the phone with our insurance company, we decided it would be best to proceed as if the woman has no insurance. Both myself and the insurance agent got the same feeling after not being able to find this woman and speaking with the towing company that took her car (she had a relatively cheap, piece of crap car). We have a rental car lined up for Casey and the adjuster should be out relatively soon (in the next day or two) to take some more pictures of the car.

There is a chance, however, that they total it out. Jason, a mechanic friend of ours, said that it looked like there was frame damage. He wasn't sure how extensive it was, but he said it didn't look good. We're crossing our fingers that's not the case, but if it is we have a major decision to make. Our options look like this:

1) Hold off getting anything at all because Casey will be getting a company truck soon. Pocket any money we get, save for future.

2) Buy Casey a new vehicle. Seeing as how the Jeep is pretty new, we should get a decent amount of cash for it.

3) Fix up Casey's white truck with insurance money, then when he gets his truck look at the possibility of purchasing a small suv (I wouldn't shake my fist at a Grand Cherokee or a Rav4 or even an Element or Vue), trading in the truck and the neon when he gets the truck.

4) Fix up the truck, pocket the rest of the money for later date.

So yeah. I'm thinking 1 and 4 are the smarter financial options.

I think that covers everything that has been happening. So yeah, now you know what's up in our world .

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lovelysalome said...

Sucky week!! Hang in there. Car troubles (and, to a lesser extent, computer troubles) just stop my world cold.