Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Something fun...

My friend Jed, via his local rag, Liquid Magazine, has hooked me up with a friend of his Tara, who is shooting a very low budget independent film of the sci-fi variety. So, I finally get to put my mad hair skillz to use. I haven't read the script yet, but I want to work on the project anyway simply because it sounds like fun. That and I get to meet new people and I always love meeting new people.

In other news, I'm thinking of doing this wednesday night trivia thing at Truman's (local gay bar). I just need to find a partner for it. I've been in quite a sociable mood lately. I'm thinking I'm definitely getting back to my Jess-Social-Butterfly roots. Casey has also been matching my sociable mood and wanting to get out of the house more and that makes me think that the two of us are finally coming out of this little funk that we've been in for a while. Just in time for cold weather, too!

I thought bears were supposed to hibernate during the winter??

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