Saturday, October 28, 2006

Ghosties Night

My friends and I used to have this tradition called Ghosties Night. We rent a bunch of scary movies the weekend before Halloween and watch them. We have done this since our sophomore year in high school. It's a fun little tradition that we enjoy. It gives us an excuse to hang out, order pizza and eat junk food to excess. This year I decided that Lily was ready for her own Ghosties Night. I netflixed a couple of kiddie halloween movies (The Worst Witch and Nightmare Before Christmas) and told Lily that she could invite a couple of friends over. I also made sure to tell the girls that they could come over in pajamas or costumes because when we did ghosties night we normally did it in PJs.

The girls came over (there were 4 total including Lily) and the festivities began. I made sure everyone had pizza and everyone had something to drink, put in a movie and the giggling began. Then the jumping. Soon followed by "OOH! Look! A kitty!" Mickie and I had to rescue Bonzai several times, eventually locking her in the computer room with Casey and Jason. The men we allowed to escape so much girly-ness.

The girls were quite nice and did listen pretty decently. They weren't quite what I expected though. Unlike Lily, who has an attention span by herself, you get a gaggle of girls together and the attention span goes out the window. We eventually got them to calm down with a half an hour to go and sat them down to watch Nightmare Before Christmas (which went over conciderably better than "The Worst Witch").

So yeah, it was an interesting evening, but I don't think I'm quite ready to do it again any time soon. My decorating rocked, though. I think Casey was just as impressed with my bubbling cauldrons as the girls were. It was basically a little plastic cauldron that I got at Walmart for $0.88 and then I put some dry ice in it, filled it half way with water and wha-la! Bubbling cauldron. Even my dad thought it was cool.

Oh, by the way, the picture at the top is actually one that I took of one of the cauldrons. I thought it was awesomely spooky.

Happy Halloween!!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Absinthe Minded

I tried Absinthe (the bottle to the left is the exact stuff that we drank, click on the Absinthe linkey thing to see the stats, etc... on what we drank) over the weekend. There were two bottles at a Halloween Party I went to. It tasted like liquid pepper and it felt like there were little bits of the skin on my lips were coming off (turned out that wasn't the case, it was just my lipstick...what's that say about the stuff that I was drinking, though???).

I didn't see any hallucinations, but I did get rather light headed rather quickly. You drank the shot, and you could feel exactly where it was in your stomach. The five of us who actually did a shot were milling around, clutching our stomachs for a few minutes and then the light headedness kicked in. I'm rather disappointed that I didn't see Kylie Minogue in a green fairy get-up, but at least I can say that I finally got to try absinthe without having to take a month to brew my own and I didn't even have to waste my own money on the horribleness that it was. (Although, I have since read reviews of the stuff I drank and it got some pretty awful reviews.) OH, and I did have some rather wicked dreams when I went to sleep that night.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

oh geez, not me too...

Not to be gross but I'm typing this in between trips to the bathroom. Whatever maladie that befell Lily over the weekend, I'm thinking I have a lighter version. Ugh.... Luckily for me, I made some chicken noodle soup last night for dinner, so I have that to aid in the feeling better process.

I'm so proud of myself about the soup thing, too. Sure, it's basically cut chicken up, boil in pot, add veggies and salt, but the thing is... My cooking continues to amaze and inspire me to try new things. Next time I do the soup thing, I'm going to experiment with making my own noodles. The thing is, while I seem to enjoy cooking when I do it, I find it hard to get over the hump of "Well, that's easy enough, why don't I just make that for dinner..." There aren't very many times when I actually want to cook. It's almost like I don't like to do it, but then I get in there and it's like "OOH! I bet if I add this, it will taste even better...."

And thus, Jess and Matt's barbeque ranch chicken was born. (Well, that was actually born because we were hungry and I had chicken, barbeque sauce, ranch dressing, and various other spices in the kitchen area at the time and that was all I had.) Whoddathunk that something so.... pink would be so tasty?

I'm kind of disappointed, though. While Lily and I chowed down on the soup, Casey passed. He claim that he just wasn't feeling good, and he really hasn't been feeling good for about a week or so now, but still... CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP DUDE!!! It's supposed to help with the feeling better! Oh well, I'll just make sure I save him some.

Not much else to report. And, I'm happy to report that I made it through the last two paragraphs sans "bio break."

Monday, October 16, 2006

Weekend Update

While we actually slept much better both Saturday night and Sunday night, Lily is still not feeling up to par. She is still running a slight fever and despite keeping her in tylenol, she is still not acting like herself. So, the decision was made last night to keep her home today.

This morning has been filled with animal crackers, the last of the apple juice, and lots of cuddling. Oh, and lots of Animal Planet.

She has decided she wants toast, so we're going to go make some now.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

The exact opposite of romance.

Last night was not fun. In fact, last night was the exact opposite of fun. Last night was supposed to be fun, but quickly turned the opposite.

Lily had been complaining of a stomach ache since she woke up Friday morning. She, however, wanted to go to school, because she didn't want to miss picture day. That, coupled with the fact she wanted me to make her hair "curly" (curled with a curling iron), was just too much to keep her home. The day progressed normally, she came home and then Jed called. He wanted to know if I could watch his kids overnight. Not a problem. They're older, more self sufficient, it's all good. Lily was excited about this, too. It would be her first co-ed sleep over!

Well, things didn't go quite as planned. Around 7:30, Lily decided that she was going to throw up and that was exactly what she did. She threw up several times (and it was incredibly rancid....ew ew ew ew ew), and finally fell asleep on my lap in the bathroom. I called Jed, let him know the situation. I told him Lily would probably sleep through the night and if he needed me to, the kids could still come over but I didn't think spending the night would be wise.

He agreed and thankfully, he decided to make other plans for the kids. Thanks for being cool Jedlipuff.

Lily, however, wasn't finished. Between 9:30 and 4:30, she threw up no less than 7 times, had horribly bad diarrea that led to three baths (all between the hours of midnight and 3AM) and three sheet changes on the bed. One particularly bad time, around 1:30, I had to get Casey up to help me. I had him go downstairs with Lily and sit with her while I cleaned up the mess in the bedroom. Casey was so groggy and asleep that he had to not only ask me three times last night what he was doing (while I was W I D E awake), but he also asked me what I had him do last night because he couldn't remember anything.

I finally managed to squeeze in about an hour and a half of sleep only to hear the alarm clock going off at 6:00AM. Not fun. I managed to fall back asleep and then woke up at 9:30 when Heather called to inform me that it was perfectly okay for me to come in at 1PM instead of noon. I said "Thanks, now if you don't mind, I'd like to go back to sleep."

Which, naturally, I didn't. I got up, started doing laundry, dishes and trying to clean the house to at least a liveable stage.

Now, I've got to get ready for work and make myself presentable and I can't find any clean black pants as they were in a pile next to the bed that got thrown up on. Oh well, looks like it's jeans for me today!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ah, the Romance...

My sister in law kissed her hubby 10 years ago today and as I was reading her post, it got me thinking about Casey and me and our first kiss. Can you believe that Casey and my first kiss was actually two years before Carrie and her hubby? I can still remember laughing hysterically when Carrie announced to a room full of Alltold-ees (Alltold was the high school newspaper we were both on. She was a senior, I was a sophomore.) "If I ever hear anything about my brother, I know SHE'LL be involved." I remember thinking how silly and slightly accusatory that sounded. Seriously, I fell flat on my butt I was laughing so hard.

Then again, back then I would laugh at the mere mention of fabric softner.

Back to the story.

Casey's and my first kiss... I'm not quite sure what month it was. It was either September or October. I'm almost positive it was at the beginning of October, but I could be wrong. The important thing to me is not the date, but that I actually remember it.

I somehow managed to convince Casey to join the Spellbowl team. Back then, the Mishawaka High School Spell Bowl team were what you could call academic miscreants. We were trouble makers. Our practices would go on for hours not just because we'd stop to watch Pinky and the Brain first, but because Mrs. Fisher (our fearless coach/advisor) would have to calm us down long enough to sit still and go over spelling words. Casey was my first boyfriend in high school (this is the part where you either gag yourself or go "awwwwww....."). Naturally, we did all the cute and slightly disgusting things that high school couples do. We held hands, we threw french fries at each other, we had Carrie take us to All Stars. Wait, no, we didn't go to All Stars, we went to the library. YEAH... WE WENT TO THE LIBRARY.

Any time we could be together, we would be together. I wrote him twenty notes a day, he quoted Sting lyrics at me. It was romantic.

Finally, time came for the competition. This meant we got to sit next to each other in the van all the way to the competition and on the way back from the competition. No parents in the van, just us... and the rest of the team (which were basically all of our friends).

We didn't do that great at the competition but we didn't particularly care. We had fun. Afterwards, we went to pizza hut and tried our hardest to make each other spew. Casey and I picked songs out of the juke box while holding hands. And then, it was time to head back to school to meet up with our parents.

Since Casey lived just a few houses away from the school, Mrs. Fisher said that it would be no problem to drop him off. So, we stopped in front of Casey's house, the team was distracted and Casey and I were sheepishly looking at each others' shoes and......


The kiss was so fast it left us both seeing stars. Not because it was a great kiss, but simply because we head-butted each other so hard that the people in the row in front of us heard the crack of our heads and asked us if we were okay. Casey jumped out of the van at a speed I didn't know he was capable of and I was left sitting in the back seat, rubbing my head but at the same time with a big, sheepish grin on my now completely red face.

So yeah, that's our first kiss. Thankfully, we've both gotten a lot better at it since then. I miss my husband at the moment....

Monday, October 09, 2006

Today's Forecast...

..Well, I can see. I can see everything. I can read stuff far away, I can read stuff close up (close up was never the problem though), but I'm still getting what I can only describe as a slight glare on those bright (and white) surfaces.

Anothe rside effect I am experiencing post lasik are these neat halos surrounded by rainbow starburst type thingeys. The closest thing I can come up with is lens flare. It's very fun, but driving with them coming off every single light is frustrating. So much so that I actually wore sunglasses to take Lily to school this morning to cut down on the effect. The full moon the other night was absolutely gorgeous, though.

So yeah, I'm doing really well and enjoying the fact that I can see. I don't like to stare at the computer screen for too long because my eyes get very tired very quickly. When I can actually sit here and type for more than 10 minutes at a time, I'll tell ya'll about the entire procedure. There was no pain, just pressure during the procedure and then afterwards, I came home, took a sleeping pill and while waiting for it to kick in, it kind of felt like I had sand kicked into my eyes (which was VERY uncomfortable and my eyes were watering like crazy). I fell asleep rather quickly though, and ended up being asleep from about 12:30PM until 9:30PM, at which time I woke up, had an apple, and then went back to sleep.

I'm still tired, by the way, but I think that has something to do with the fact that somewhere along the lines I picked up a cold (I'm blaming Shannon on that one).

SO yes, I'm fine and I recommend lasik to anyone.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Less than 48 hours to go and already the sleeplessness is setting in. That could also do with the fact that I had a nap this afternoon, though.

In any case, I have been told to report to the Boling Laser Center in Mishawaka at 8:40AM on Friday. The funny thing is, I'm more nervous about swallowing pills than I am the surgery. I've never been good with pills and as long as there was a liquid form of whatever, that's what I'd take. So now, I'm kind of trying to train myself to swallow pills in less than 2 days. Tomorrow I will have a steady diet of peas and corn. I tried peanuts this evening, but those didn't work so well.

I'll probably post tomorrow, but no guarentees. If I don't, you'll have to wait until probably Sunday or even Monday for my post-lasik post. I definitely won't be posting saturday as I won't be allowed to read or doing anything too eye intensive. I can, however, watch TV and movies, so feel free to send me some TV or movie recommendations.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Laser eyes

Yesterday was the pre-op thingey for the lasik. Fun fun fun. Two hours of having my eyes looked at, dilated, numbed, poked once but I didn't feel it because I was numb, and then going home, laughing at the fact that I couldn't focus on things close up (interesting side-effect for a 24 hour dilation which still hasn't quite worn off... my eyes are still freakin' huge) and trying not to puke from straining to see.

Yep, interesting day.

In other news, the surgery has been pushed up to friday. I will be given valium (I'm practicing swallowing M & M's whole) and should be relatively relaxed. The laser is little more than a cool, pulsating light. I should only feel a slight pressure according to everyone and there is a 78% chance that I will see 20/20 or better 15 minutes after the surger and the within 24 hours that statistic will climb to 98% see 20/16 or better. Yes, that's good. That's amazing.

And stuff.

So yeah, wish me luck... the anxiety is starting to set in. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go take 500mg of Vitamin C.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Sum up of stuff going on (because I'm not feeling particularly creative but I am feeling particularly neglectful of my blog and since I know my family gets it's good gossip from this thing, yeah...)

1) Cappuchino mornings have started again. I like cappuchino mornings. I get up, have a bath, get dressed, make myself a cappuchino (complete with whip cream... I forgot how decadent whip cream can make one feel...). That means that it is fall.

It has been fall for a while here in Northern Indiana, though. A few weeks ago I noticed leaves falling from the trees but yesterday I really noticed the colors changing. All of the reds and golds and so incredible! Nature is so amazing!

2) On Oct. 16 I get to run around singing "I've got laser eyes!" Why would I pick Oct. 16 to do this as opposed to any other day? Well, that would be because I'm getting lasik surgery done. So, I really will have laser eyes. I've been thinking about it for several months and I finally decided that it was time to just jump. What set me over was about a week ago my glasses fell on the floor sometime during the night (thank you Bonzai for knocking them off the night stand) and when I woke up in the morning I could not find them. Seriously, I spent a good ten minutes getting very frustrated and upset before I actually found them. I decided that I just really don't want to live that way and since my dad had offered to pay for it I decided to take him up on the offer. Tomorrow I go in to have them map my eyeball and then the 16th is the actual surgery and then on the 17th I'll wake up and I will be able to see fine and dandy. Brilliant.


This is all. You may go about your day.