Monday, October 23, 2006

Absinthe Minded

I tried Absinthe (the bottle to the left is the exact stuff that we drank, click on the Absinthe linkey thing to see the stats, etc... on what we drank) over the weekend. There were two bottles at a Halloween Party I went to. It tasted like liquid pepper and it felt like there were little bits of the skin on my lips were coming off (turned out that wasn't the case, it was just my lipstick...what's that say about the stuff that I was drinking, though???).

I didn't see any hallucinations, but I did get rather light headed rather quickly. You drank the shot, and you could feel exactly where it was in your stomach. The five of us who actually did a shot were milling around, clutching our stomachs for a few minutes and then the light headedness kicked in. I'm rather disappointed that I didn't see Kylie Minogue in a green fairy get-up, but at least I can say that I finally got to try absinthe without having to take a month to brew my own and I didn't even have to waste my own money on the horribleness that it was. (Although, I have since read reviews of the stuff I drank and it got some pretty awful reviews.) OH, and I did have some rather wicked dreams when I went to sleep that night.

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