Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ah, the Romance...

My sister in law kissed her hubby 10 years ago today and as I was reading her post, it got me thinking about Casey and me and our first kiss. Can you believe that Casey and my first kiss was actually two years before Carrie and her hubby? I can still remember laughing hysterically when Carrie announced to a room full of Alltold-ees (Alltold was the high school newspaper we were both on. She was a senior, I was a sophomore.) "If I ever hear anything about my brother, I know SHE'LL be involved." I remember thinking how silly and slightly accusatory that sounded. Seriously, I fell flat on my butt I was laughing so hard.

Then again, back then I would laugh at the mere mention of fabric softner.

Back to the story.

Casey's and my first kiss... I'm not quite sure what month it was. It was either September or October. I'm almost positive it was at the beginning of October, but I could be wrong. The important thing to me is not the date, but that I actually remember it.

I somehow managed to convince Casey to join the Spellbowl team. Back then, the Mishawaka High School Spell Bowl team were what you could call academic miscreants. We were trouble makers. Our practices would go on for hours not just because we'd stop to watch Pinky and the Brain first, but because Mrs. Fisher (our fearless coach/advisor) would have to calm us down long enough to sit still and go over spelling words. Casey was my first boyfriend in high school (this is the part where you either gag yourself or go "awwwwww....."). Naturally, we did all the cute and slightly disgusting things that high school couples do. We held hands, we threw french fries at each other, we had Carrie take us to All Stars. Wait, no, we didn't go to All Stars, we went to the library. YEAH... WE WENT TO THE LIBRARY.

Any time we could be together, we would be together. I wrote him twenty notes a day, he quoted Sting lyrics at me. It was romantic.

Finally, time came for the competition. This meant we got to sit next to each other in the van all the way to the competition and on the way back from the competition. No parents in the van, just us... and the rest of the team (which were basically all of our friends).

We didn't do that great at the competition but we didn't particularly care. We had fun. Afterwards, we went to pizza hut and tried our hardest to make each other spew. Casey and I picked songs out of the juke box while holding hands. And then, it was time to head back to school to meet up with our parents.

Since Casey lived just a few houses away from the school, Mrs. Fisher said that it would be no problem to drop him off. So, we stopped in front of Casey's house, the team was distracted and Casey and I were sheepishly looking at each others' shoes and......


The kiss was so fast it left us both seeing stars. Not because it was a great kiss, but simply because we head-butted each other so hard that the people in the row in front of us heard the crack of our heads and asked us if we were okay. Casey jumped out of the van at a speed I didn't know he was capable of and I was left sitting in the back seat, rubbing my head but at the same time with a big, sheepish grin on my now completely red face.

So yeah, that's our first kiss. Thankfully, we've both gotten a lot better at it since then. I miss my husband at the moment....


lovelysalome said...

he quoted Sting lyrics at me - I'll take credit for that! And of course I was a accusatory, you little hussy. My little brother is delicate ;)

Mircalla said...

"I miss my husband at the moment...."
Where is he?

So, you have been together for 12 years! Wow!

Mircalla said...

wow, you have been together 12 years!!