Thursday, October 05, 2006


Less than 48 hours to go and already the sleeplessness is setting in. That could also do with the fact that I had a nap this afternoon, though.

In any case, I have been told to report to the Boling Laser Center in Mishawaka at 8:40AM on Friday. The funny thing is, I'm more nervous about swallowing pills than I am the surgery. I've never been good with pills and as long as there was a liquid form of whatever, that's what I'd take. So now, I'm kind of trying to train myself to swallow pills in less than 2 days. Tomorrow I will have a steady diet of peas and corn. I tried peanuts this evening, but those didn't work so well.

I'll probably post tomorrow, but no guarentees. If I don't, you'll have to wait until probably Sunday or even Monday for my post-lasik post. I definitely won't be posting saturday as I won't be allowed to read or doing anything too eye intensive. I can, however, watch TV and movies, so feel free to send me some TV or movie recommendations.


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