Saturday, October 28, 2006

Ghosties Night

My friends and I used to have this tradition called Ghosties Night. We rent a bunch of scary movies the weekend before Halloween and watch them. We have done this since our sophomore year in high school. It's a fun little tradition that we enjoy. It gives us an excuse to hang out, order pizza and eat junk food to excess. This year I decided that Lily was ready for her own Ghosties Night. I netflixed a couple of kiddie halloween movies (The Worst Witch and Nightmare Before Christmas) and told Lily that she could invite a couple of friends over. I also made sure to tell the girls that they could come over in pajamas or costumes because when we did ghosties night we normally did it in PJs.

The girls came over (there were 4 total including Lily) and the festivities began. I made sure everyone had pizza and everyone had something to drink, put in a movie and the giggling began. Then the jumping. Soon followed by "OOH! Look! A kitty!" Mickie and I had to rescue Bonzai several times, eventually locking her in the computer room with Casey and Jason. The men we allowed to escape so much girly-ness.

The girls were quite nice and did listen pretty decently. They weren't quite what I expected though. Unlike Lily, who has an attention span by herself, you get a gaggle of girls together and the attention span goes out the window. We eventually got them to calm down with a half an hour to go and sat them down to watch Nightmare Before Christmas (which went over conciderably better than "The Worst Witch").

So yeah, it was an interesting evening, but I don't think I'm quite ready to do it again any time soon. My decorating rocked, though. I think Casey was just as impressed with my bubbling cauldrons as the girls were. It was basically a little plastic cauldron that I got at Walmart for $0.88 and then I put some dry ice in it, filled it half way with water and wha-la! Bubbling cauldron. Even my dad thought it was cool.

Oh, by the way, the picture at the top is actually one that I took of one of the cauldrons. I thought it was awesomely spooky.

Happy Halloween!!!

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