Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Question of the day...

What do these three women have in common??

Hint: It ain't an IPod.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Today, when I woke up, I started my normal daily routine. Get up, take bath, get dressed, check weather, fix Lily lunch, blah blah blah. Since we've been getting obscene amounts of lake effect snow, I've been checking in hopes of a snow day. Well, when I woke up I was like "Crap, it's gonna be cloudy but not bad enough to close school." Did the whole morning routine and then I looked outside...
This is what I saw.

Okay, so it wasn't quite this. It was about like this, though. This was taken 2 hours after I had gotten up. Within an hour of me getting up and out of bed and ready to go, there was about an inch and a half of lake effect snow already on the ground (and covering my car which had been for the most part clean since the snow stopped before I got home yesterday). Schools started canceling left and right. Lily's school was one of the last... I did a happy dance. And then I realized that on this auspicious occasion of the very first snow day my child was to experience ever (and probably one of the few that ever happens seeing as how they NEVER cancel school in South Bend), I had to wake her up to see the wonderful stuff that was now falling at an insane amount outside.

Casey also had the day off due to his leg, but we had to wander out to the doctor's office. Let me tell you, I am glad we have a 4 wheel drive vehicle, but at the same time when it's so bad that even your 4 wheel drive is slipping occasionally... Yeah, no one should be out in that muck. I later found out that my school was open this morning, but closed 4 1/2 hours early and there were no evening classes. I'm crossing my fingers that we have another snow day tomorrow, but it doesn't look like that will happen. A girl can dream, though, right?

UPDATE: It is almost 10:30 PM and it started snowing around 7:30 PM. According to the Fox 28 weather guy, the airport (which is less than 5 miles from our home) has recieved 4 inches since 6 PM. That's an inch an hour folks. On top of that, we've got a lake effect snow warning that is in effect until 1AM, so I just wonder what the rest of the evening holds. I looked outside a few minutes ago and it was still snowing rather heavily. I can see to the end of the street and that's about it. I was going to say it's fuzzy after that, but I think a better description would be that it's fluffy. Haha. I know I was missing winter, but this is getting a little ridiculous.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Lily's First Sleepover

On Saturday, Lily had a friend over to spend the night for the very first time. Sabrina, Lily's best friend from school, came over around 1:00 PM and the girls played and played and played. Lots of running around, screaming, and merry-making. The girls had pizza (aka the ultimate slumber party food) and made a cake, drank chocolate milk, watched movies, dressed up like Disney Princesses and played Nintendo. Note: Little girls dressed as princesses playing Mario Kart are really cute.

Low and behold we survived.... Until bedtime. I put the girls to bed about 9:15. My whole thought was "Okay, they've played all day, they're going to be tired. Falling asleep won't be a problem." OH boy was I wrong. The first half hour was lots of giggling and whispering. I let it slide because I consider myself a cool mom. After a half an hour though, I found myself shifting into parent mode and called up the stairs: "Okay girls, there's too much noise coming from upstairs. You need to go to sleep." And then I promptly thought: ah, crap... I've taken another step into adulthood.

There was a little more whispering and then, I heard footsteps on the stairs. Sabrina, sporting a weepy look, asked: "Is the sun coming up yet?" I told her no, that it was still night time and the sooner they went to sleep, the sooner the sun would be up. So, back up the stairs they went. And ten minutes later, here they come again. Sabrina missed her mommy. Naturally, I did what any parent would do, and let her call her mom. I was actually expecting something like this, as was Sabrina's mom, so she was still up waiting for the call.

Sabrina's mom got there about 11:30 (and she drove through about 4 inches of snow to get here, we had lake effect snow all evening) and off they went. We were all okay with the fact she wanted to go home, except for Lily who was quite disappointed. I explained to her, though, that if she had wanted to come home that I would have come and got her no questions asked. She seemed to be a bit more understanding after I explained that.

Sunday there was more snow and I was quite the vegitable. I have been what I can only describe as borderline exhausted this week and I don't know why. I haven't been doing anything physically taxing, I've just been really really REALLY tired.

This morning I woke up and cleared approximately 7-8 inches of snow off my car. That wasn't fun. It took me about half an hour to scrape off ice and brush off snow. After that, we had a very slow drive to the school (the roads are still crap), and then to Meijers for me and back home. I could definitely do without going anywhere. There is also apparently a -6 windchill. Winter has finally hit us and I'm thinking I could definitely do without. I think I'll do a search this morning for "island properties for sale." That whole if I win the lotto thing, ya know?
In other news, Lily also lost another tooth. The tooth fairy couldn't make it in with all the snow until last night (and that was only because we scraped up $2.00 worth of quarters to give Lily). We're expecting another tooth to come out sometime this week (the one that came out is a top tooth and the other one will also be one of her top teeth). She's got both upper front teeth coming in, so they're pushing all the little teeth out of the way. Lily has definitely entered a goofy phase as far as her teeth are concerned. I'm just hoping they continue to come in somewhat straight unlike what mine did at her age. Braces, I swear, were invented for me.
That's all for now. I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Nano Nano

So, ever since my car got broken into, I've actually been wandering around sans stereo in my car. I've been sucking it up like a real trooper, too. No complaints from me. I loaded the pathetic MP3 player in my phone with tunes and went on my merry way, knowing eventually the problem would be corrected one way or another.

My solutions? Well, there were several: 1) Keep dealing with crappy cell phone MP3 player that only held 10 songs. 2)Purchase new CD player from Best Buy. 3)Purchase old crappy factory stereo from junkyard. 4) Purchase factory stereo from junkyard, buy IPod Nano and tape deck adapter or FM transmitter.

Last week, the dogs chewed up Casey's IPod Shuffle. Yes, bad doggies, bad Casey for leaving it out. He's been sucking up not having tunes in his Jeep (although, he had a radio and I had nothing, I still think I win at the sucking it up thing). So, this afternoon, we decided (after much debate, me wanting to not spend so much money which was a change) that we would buy IPod Nano's. Thankfully, we got them at Target and I have a lovely discount Target Discount Card thanks to Lifetouch. We decided to take a cue from Casey's sister and his brother in law and call it the "IPod Anniversary." Granted, we haven't been married for 8 years like Carrie and Keven when they did the IPod anniversary, but it still works out because now I'll have tunes in my car and so will Casey. And that's the important thing. That, and they're totally his and her's. His is blue and mines is a wonderfully obnoxious pink (as seen in the picture).

Unfortunately, this means I will no longer be able to entertain the idea of going to Tippecanoe Place or Hana Yori for dinner. Suck suck suck. Oh well, if I can do without music in my car for almost a month, I can do without a nice dinner until my birthday. I'm totally thinking it's worth it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to slip into my jammies, take my Nano upstairs and read some Dune. OH, and if anyone is curious as to what was playing when I took the picture, it was Chopin Piano Concerto No. 1.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


I sent Lily off to school this morning only to get a call back from the school within about 1/2 hour of her being there. "Mrs. Stone, would you please come pick up Lily. We think she has pink eye."

Yesterday I noticed that Lily's eyes were kind of blood-shot looking (pink in nature) and she had been rubbing the left one. I have never had any kind of experience with pink eye, so I wasn't sure what to look for. Casey and I looked it up on the internet and yeah, it kinda looked like one of the pictures we saw, but her eye wasn't oozing or tearing (which is a common symptom apparently), so we were like "Let's see where it goes." Maybe she had just scratched her eye or something.

Off we went to Medpoint this morning (like we could get in at the doctor's office so late in the morning... if you don't call by 8AM, there's no way you'd get an appointment!), and we sat and waited and then we were seen. Lily was scared of the doctor for some reason and broke out into tears. But, a blue lollipop later, she was calmed down and the doctor said "Yep, that's the beginning of pink eye. Have a prescription."

Anyone want to take a gander at how I'm going to put eye drops into a 7 year old kid that faught hard against having a light shone into her eyes?

Due to the "infectious nature" of pink eye, Lily has been ordered to stay home for 24 hours. So, you know that means that I have to stay home for 24 hours. Fun fun fun! So yeah, I will spend the next 24 hours playing with my kid and cleaning the house. Anyone wanna bring me some Panera Bread CO. soup?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

That Whole Winter Thing...

Remember how I was like "Where's winter?" Well, I got my answer. Apparently, it's coming across lake Michigan as I type this. This fell (and is currently falling) last night. We're supposed to get more throughout the day.

I think this is the part where I say Merry Christmas....

Monday, January 15, 2007

What Winter Should Look Like

I found this wonderful picture by photographer Danny Burk of snow covered trees here in South Bend. The photo was dated January 2006.

This is what winter should look like. Instead, it's raining, cold and there isn't a stich of snow anywhere. It is, in fact, quite nasty outside. It's just not snowing.

While I enjoy the nice temperatures we've been getting (I hate the cold), I have to admit that I'm ready for the snow. So, c'mon weather guy, where is it?

Monday, January 08, 2007

Stuff I have already learned in 2007

1) The new season of Dr. Who has a lot to live up to. The Doctor is very much missing Rose and I can't blame him. She was charismatic, that one. Rose Tyler, I miss ya, even if you were fictional.

2) Attempting to get my dad to go to a gay bar (Truman's) is easier than I thought it would be. He was all for the idea. I, unfortunately, was ass tired by 11PM on a Saturday evening. I felt very old. Dad, thankfully, humored me by staying home (after procuring some hot chocolate and CD-R's from Walmart) and watching Domino.

3) My hair is going through a VERY AWESOME phase. I have, unfortunately, jinxed myself and it will now suck for months on end.

4) Brakes are a very important thing for a car to have. I learned how to change not only the brakes but the rotors on the front end of my car this past weekend. I didn't have a chance to chance the back ones, nor did I have the chance to replace the brake fluid (which desperately needs to be changed) BUT I feel confidant that, with cell phone in pocket, blue tooth securely fastened to my ear and several phone calls to my dad, I can definitely (to quote Larry the Cable Guy) "git 'r' done." Oh, and I think that if I can actually find the old stereo from the Jeep in the chaos that is the garage (it's really not that bad, but Casey's version of accessible and mine are completely different, height-wise that is) I can fix that whole lack of stereo problem I've been having.

I have decided to make 2007 the year of "Do It Yourself, Jess!" That's kind of my new year resolution of sorts, I guess, just do it myself. Right? Right. So, now, let's see how far I get on this one. Not that I'm being negative, I just really don't plan a lot of do it yourself projects. I will, however, finish painting the living/dining room, though (need more trim work done and maybe a 3rd/4th coat would be nice?). So yeah. And stuff. Oh, and I think I'll throw in one of those "loose 20 pounds" thingeys for good measure.