Thursday, January 18, 2007


I sent Lily off to school this morning only to get a call back from the school within about 1/2 hour of her being there. "Mrs. Stone, would you please come pick up Lily. We think she has pink eye."

Yesterday I noticed that Lily's eyes were kind of blood-shot looking (pink in nature) and she had been rubbing the left one. I have never had any kind of experience with pink eye, so I wasn't sure what to look for. Casey and I looked it up on the internet and yeah, it kinda looked like one of the pictures we saw, but her eye wasn't oozing or tearing (which is a common symptom apparently), so we were like "Let's see where it goes." Maybe she had just scratched her eye or something.

Off we went to Medpoint this morning (like we could get in at the doctor's office so late in the morning... if you don't call by 8AM, there's no way you'd get an appointment!), and we sat and waited and then we were seen. Lily was scared of the doctor for some reason and broke out into tears. But, a blue lollipop later, she was calmed down and the doctor said "Yep, that's the beginning of pink eye. Have a prescription."

Anyone want to take a gander at how I'm going to put eye drops into a 7 year old kid that faught hard against having a light shone into her eyes?

Due to the "infectious nature" of pink eye, Lily has been ordered to stay home for 24 hours. So, you know that means that I have to stay home for 24 hours. Fun fun fun! So yeah, I will spend the next 24 hours playing with my kid and cleaning the house. Anyone wanna bring me some Panera Bread CO. soup?

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