Thursday, March 01, 2007

Law Firm in Training...

Names have been a hot topic of conversation around here lately. So far, we haven't picked out a girls' name that we really really like, but we have kind of picked out a boys name that we like pretty well. Now, keep in mind that nothing is a done deal, but the more I hear it, the more I like it... Our boy name is: Jackson Turner [insert our last name here]. I was actually quite surprised that Casey liked Jackson when I suggested it. He was like "Hey, I kinda like it." And then I was telling him about Turner (Lily's suggestion of Will Turner from "Pirates of the Carribbean") and how my cousins liked it. And then we through it together... Jackson Turner. And oddly enough, it worked. Shout it... seriously! JACKSON TURNER DON'T YOU DARE PUT THAT HANDFUL OF DIRT IN YOUR MOUTH!! JACKSON TURNER YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SHAVE THE DOG!! (Yes, these are actually things I expect to yell at Casey and my kid... Knowing Casey and myself if we get another Lily we'll be REALLY freakin' lucky.)

It works. The best part is that Lily would get the Turner bit for Will Turner and I would be able to shorten Jackson to Jack, which I really really like (Jack S. Private Eye! Jack S., President of the U.S., Jack S. Action Star!) and told Casey eons ago that I really liked.
So yeah. What does everyone else think???


carrie_lofty said...

FYI, Jack(son) has been the most popular Anglo name for the last few years -- in America, England, Australia, etc. If you want him to blend in, that'll be the choice to make! We worked on our naming with the specific goal of making the girls different. Their middle names are very common right now, in case they get tired of standing out.

Mircalla said...

Jackson reminds me the Jackson 5 too much. But Jackson Turner ***** is cool.

I really like Nathan, Jess.

[I find juliette a lovely but very common name. Abigal, on the other side is less common... at least in England. Not to name in other EU countries.]

Carmi X