Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lovely lovely love me...

Today is a FABULOUS day. It's freakin' beautiful outside! I think the weather people were right in predicting 70 degrees today! I soooo wanna go play with my bow today. I've tried to be out as much as possible (probably much to the chagrin of my family because well, I haven't done anything at home).

I had a meeting this morning with some people. Sorry, can't blog about it. It's all confidential and crap. I also took Heather to a consignment shop after the meeting. She got fired yesterday, so I've been trying to make her feel not completely hopeless. Consignment shops = cheap baby stuff. And she needs cheap right now. She's 6 months pregnant, got fired yesterday and loses her insurance as of next Friday. You'd be in dire straights, too.

In other news, pregnancy is starting to agree with me as far as my boobs are concerned. I bought my first C cup bra over the weekend and I'm thrilled about that. My stomach is slowly increasing in size. It's not enough to be an annoyance yet, but it's enough of an annoyance to where I pulled out a pair of size 10 (was in an 8 finally... back into 10 now) jeans from my "fat stash." (AKA Winter Clothes.) They're still baggy on me, so I'm not worried too much. I've been in search of cute maternity tops. I found exactly 1 at the Salvation Army, although I didn't have much time to look. I also bought a pair of khaki pants that will work as preggo pants/work pants.

OH YEAH... Didn't tell y'all about that one. In my search to cure boredom and help the family with cash, I went in search of easy part time work. I applied part time at Hollywood Video thinking "Okay, free rentals. Not bad." Well, they want to hire me as an assistant manager/shift leader type person. Yeah me! Lower management! I get to be in charge of a bunch of miscreants! This should be interesting... I go in Thursday to fill out paper work and probably rent some movies while I'm at it. My question: when should I tell them I'm preggers? Yep, kinda haven't done that yet...

And stuff.

So, that's what's up in my neck of the woods. Contemplating another road trip with Lily down to Kentucky. No jaunts down to Georgia this time, although we may go check out the aquarium in Chattanooga. Oh, and there will be plenty of pirate time since it's so dang nice outside. Maybe I'll take my bow and a target too... Whee fun!

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Mircalla said...

congratulations on your new job! have you started?