Friday, March 30, 2007

Random Thoughts at 1AM

Got home from "work" (I loosely describe it as such since I find it terribly easy and repetitive, but I get to talk with people about movies and so it ain't all bad.) about 10 minutes ago. Tonight was the latest night that I stayed. While I'm feeling kind of wired (all second wind-y) and Jack is bouncing around, I figured I'd right a few random things down.

* Casey and Lily "surprised" me with hamburgers and freshly baked cookies. Casey informed me of the cookie and hamburger venture earlier in the evening when I called to check up on my wonderful family, but walking through the door and smelling hamburgers.... How wonderfully devine!! If my feet didn't hurt so much, I'd run upstairs and kiss them both. I'll still do the kissing bit, just not the running.

* Neverending Story 2 is horrible. Despite the memories of my youthful crush on Jonathan Brandis, the movie is downright awful. Seriously, people, could you at least get Falcor right?! WTF?

* When people turn in movies in your hand, that generally means they want to get your opinion about what they should rent for the evening.

* When someone asks you to "recommend an action movie they can fall asleep to" that generally means recommend Miami Vice. I haven't seen it, but everyone who has walked through the door with it has said it was absolutely atrocious. This makes me truly worry about the Transformers movie that Michael Bay has coming out (M.B. also did Miami Vice), but then again... look at what Miami Vice had to go on.

*Going to sleep after 1AM means I'm going to be ass tired tomorrow. I really don't care, though, because I get to come home and take a "nap."

* Jack likes Nacho Cheese Doritos but my stomach does not . Insert not fun heartburn and vurps (vomit burps) while I'm at work and without my tums. I've been relatively lucky (knock on anything wood around me) as far as the indigestion has been concerned (still knocking). Jack is pretty agreeable. Thank you, Jack.

* Caffeine still giving me issues, but I'm LOOOOOOOVVVVVVIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGG the chai. Chai = my new best liquid friend after 8:30PM.

* I got to witness my first vaccuum bag explosion this evening. It was really quite hilarious. Think mushroom-cloud-o-vaccuum-dust. It was like something straight out of a cartoon, complete with Anneke being covered in dust! I laughed so hard I had to run for the bathroom.

This is all for now. I gave Lily a haircut this afternoon. It's very cute and out of her face. Yeah. I will update more in the morning.

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