Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Robots in disguise...

This morning MySpace was splashed with Transformers...and I have to admit, I got more than just a little excited. I got REALLY excited. So, naturally I popped over to youtube and found this within a minute. For months now, Casey and I have discussed the potential and the possibilities and the blow up coolness that Michael Bay could bring to this movie and while the trailer does feature more humans than Transformers, you get a glimpse (just the smallest little glimpse!) of Optimus Prime, our hero! And then, I did a dance of joy, because I know Optimus Prime is going to look as cool as ever and the best part is it will be the same voice from my childhood, the voice from the original cartoon, as the voice of the new incarnation. Yeah, I totally heart Transformers.

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carrie_lofty said...

I did that too. I saw the trailer, kinda cynical, and then actually said out loud, "Oooh, Optimus!"