Friday, March 16, 2007

Second Trimester

It struck me yesterday that this week is the start of the second trimester of pregnancy. That means, 6 months and counting... AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! It's funny, I feel completely calm but at the same time I keep looking around and seeing all the things that I need to do around the house and it's just AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! Insert minor hormonal panic here, ya know?

Yesterday I signed Lily up for a "sibling preparation" class at the hospital that we will deliver the belly baby at and I sent out a couple of email's to people about lamaze/natural child birth classes. Casey and I want to be completely prepared, but I think somehow you can never really be truly prepared for a kid. I think it just kind of happens and nothing that you expected to happen happens and everything that you didn't think of does. Then, you do your best to wing it. And you call your parental units on a daily basis until you feel comfortable to handle it yourself and then when you don't call your parents they call you and are like "Are you okay?" You have to reassure them that you are, but your mom goes ahead and brings you yummy food anyway.

Lily has a cold. She has fallen asleep in the car on the way home from school the past two days. This morning she didn't want to get up, but she doesn't have a fever. I can totally do without another cold, so I've been chowing down on vitamin C for the past three days. I'm crossing my fingers.

Casey had to work really odd hours today. He left this morning at 3:15 to head to Elkhart to do some indoor work at I think a bank and then he has the company meeting this morning. Raises should be coming out in the next week or two, which will definitely be nice. I'm hoping that we get a company truck soon, though. I think I'd prefer truck to raise. Then, I can clean out his jeep and we can use that as a family car, too. I've seen 2 carseats in a jeep before, so I know it can be done. ;-)

Well, I'm off to do all that morning stuff I usually do.

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