Wednesday, April 18, 2007

How stupid can one person be?

The answer to the question is pretty stupid. BUT, the person who was pretty stupid was not me. Once again, however, I let my inner bitch out for a bit of freetime.

Storytime! This afternoon, around 5:30, I was taking the trash around to the alley (tomorrow is trash day, so it had to get done). As I was walking back onto the porch, I noticed this shiteous green Ford Escort driving slowly down the street. In front of our house, with me on the front steps, this complete dumbass throws a McDonald's bag out onto OUR lawn! WTF?!?! Naturally, being pregnant, grumpy Jess who just took the trash to the curb, I yelled "ASSHOLE!!" at the top of my lungs. I watched the car drive a bit further down the road and then pull into the small apartment 4-Plex that is at the end of our street. Not really thinking it through, I ran and got the McDonald's bag off the lawn and walked as quickly as I could down to the car and the apartments. I reached them just as one of the men from the car was getting out to go up to one of the apartments. I knew he had been the passenger of the car, so I handed him the bag and in a very calm and stern voice told him "Please tell your friend to take his trash and throw it in his own damn yard."

And then, I walked away. I left the guy dumbfounded. Or who knows, maybe he was just dumb to begin with. In any case, I felt very proud of myself. Until I saw the exact same McDonald's bag blowing down the street not 3 minutes later. Stupid people. And the worst part was that his car was completely trashed anyway so it's not like another McDonald's bag would have added to his disaster. Dude, I know. I got close enough to his car to see it! WTF??!!! Why choose that particular bag and my particular lawn to litter on? It makes no sense in my brain.

Stupid stupid people.

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Mircalla said...

a person eating in MacDonald's is already a "stupid person".

this happens all the time in london. so annoying and disgusting. down my street people drop everything: one day i found a chest of drawer in the middle of the pedestrian area!!

chavs! do you have chavs in america? or how do you call them?