Friday, April 06, 2007

Jingle 7, Mice 1...sorta

Yesterday afternoon and today Jingle managed to catch two more mice. Well, actually, she's in the process of catching number 2. I am managing (despite constant screaming and couch-jumping on my and Lily's part) to blog the event as it goes down. Oh, and I also managed to get some video which I'll try and post later if I actually get around to it.

This afternoon's mouse catching escapade started with a loud thud and a crash in the kitchen. Me, having just purchased a very yummy strawberry cheesecake, thought "Shit! The dogs are getting my cheesecake!" So, I pause the show I was watching and run for the kitchen. Cheesecake safe. Phew! What was that noise, then? Jingle runs past me with something brown in her mouth. Oh YEAH! Jingle caught another mouse! That was when she put the thing down and unlike yesterday, where she instantly disabled the mouse so all it could do was run in circles, this mouse is raring to go and that's just what it does... it goes. And Jingle pounces.

Lily and I watched for about 20 minutes as Jingle attacked and batted the thing across the room. We squealed in horror and amusement as this poor mouse (which I have now decided has super-mouse endurance, seriously it's like the Wolverine of mice!) took Jingle's attacks. And then, the mouse did something unexpected. The mouse turned and looked her attacker right in the eye!

There, the brave mousey stood! Fur matted down yet parts of it bristling, mouse panting as if to say "Is that all you got?! Bring it, bitch!" And Jingle brought it, whacking it across the room, right into the side of my sketchers! I screamed in horror as the mouse climbed up my shoes which I so casually had left in the middle of the floor. I screamed even louder as the mouse climbed INTO my shoe! OH THE HORROR!!

In some sort of sick and taunting game much like that of "whack-a-mole", the mouse poked it's head out of my shoe. One could easily imagine it taunting Jingle as Jingle tried desperately to whack the mouse as it popped in and out. Jingle quickly lost interest, but I however still had a mouse in my shoe. Naturally, I tried to get the mouse out. I picked up the shoe, turned it upside down and began whacking it on the floor. The mouse came out and squeaked at me (yes, it SQUEAKED at me!) and I dropped the shoe, screaming, and ran for the couch. The mouse, poised on the top of the shoe, looked Jingle (who's attention had once again been piqued), who was no more than two inches from the mouse, reared up on it's hind legs and LEPT ONTO JINGLE'S FACE!!

I had honestly never seen such a brave or gutsy mouse!! Jingle was flailing her paws, trying desperately to fling the mouse from her face, which didn't really take that long, but the fact that the mouse jumped onto her face was truly amazing! WOW! The mouse fell or jumped off and ran behind the piano.

Shit. The mouse ran behind the piano. Okay, let's move the piano. Never mind that it took four people to move the piano into the house and all of them were grunting and groaning afterwards. Never mind that the piano weighs a freakin' ton! I channeled all the energy I had and pulled the piano away from the wall, grabbed Jingle and threw her behind it. Jingle kept getting out and going around to the other side of the piano which was against the wall. So, okay, pull the piano away from that part of the wall. I managed two inches and heard a loud squeak. Shit. After all that did I somehow manage to run over the mouse with the piano? That would be anti-climactic.
Thankfully, no, I did not run over the mouse. I saw it escape out from behind the piano, with Jingle still completely oblivious. So, I grabbed Jingle again and threw her at the mouse. Twenty minutes later, the battle spills over into the computer room and I have to temporarily run for the couch, screaming "GET THAT THING OUT OF THE COMPUTER ROOM JINGLE!!"

Jingle is currently still embroiled in battle with the grey fiend in the dining room. The thing has temporarily found refuge behind Casey's battery charger. I'll let you know how it turns out.

UPDATE: The brave and valient (and super-mousey possessed) grey fiend bit the dust and headed for the great wheel-o-cheese in the sky at approximately 3:OOPM EST. He put up a good fight and will probably be missed by his other mouse bretheren.

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