Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Nesting: Part 2

Today I completely rearranged Lily's room and gave it a good (and necessary) spring cleaning. Casey got home after a hard days work and decided that he needed a project too. So, we are putting a door to block off the upstairs, seperating the upstairs and downstairs. This will make our winters more economical.

Unfortunately, the project is easier said than done. The threshhold turned out to be quite uneven. So uneven that when we put the door there, it wouldn't even shut. The door is even, the threshhold however, slopes down making a good two-three inches where the door should be and where the door is. Insert mess making and a lot of "Freakin' Monkies!" here. (We're trying to watch our language.)

Thankfully, Lily's room isn't a disaster area. So we have one room to completely chill out in.

Back to work, pictures soon to follow.

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Mircalla said...

cool! how big is your house? it sounds like a big house, which i miss so much!