Monday, April 16, 2007

Ninja Kick!

A brief Baby Jack update for all of you who are curious. Today was another ob/gyn appointment. I escaped without having to have any more blood tests (for now). Happy Jess. Jack, on the other hand, was feeling a bit honery. He really dislikes the doppler! He dislikes it so much that he was actually kicking the thing! Kristen, the midwife, was laughing pretty good because she'd chase him down (he's sitting just behind my belly button apparently) and as soon as she got a good clear listen to the heart, he'd turn and you'd hear a couple of small thump! Thump! Thumps! Jack was doing his best David Beckham impersonation, methinks.

My blood pressure was a little high today. Thankfully, I can chalk that up to idiots that cannot drive. I almost got ran into twice on my way to the appointment this morning. All that in a five minute drive! Make sense to you? I swear, it gets some semblance of warm outside and people are just stupid. Stupid stupid stupid!

All is well, though. She took my blood pressure again before I left and it was already heading back down. Now, I'm off to have some lunch with my mom and my aunt, despite the fact that I am feeling quite... full? I feel kinda bloaty. Oh well, such is the life of a preggo.

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